Château Gryffindor

Urbex: Château Gryffindor, France – September 2015

The Chateau itself was obviously the main draw and I think accounts for most of the photos below including the lovely spiral staircase which leads up to a small landing area with decoratively painted walls. There was a room with an examination bed and a few pieces of other medical equipment which were one of the few remaining reminders of the last function of the building as a care home for the elderly.

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Château de la Musique

Urbex: Château de la Musique, France – September 2015

The abandoned Château de la Musique, another gorgeous, empty castle in France! Clearly occupied by an artistic and musical person the house had 3 pianos and all sorts of recording equipment and old radios, sculptures and paintings and more closer to the heard lots of photography equipment, tins of old devloping chemicals and blank photography paper…

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Aircraft Graveyard France

Urbex: Aircraft Graveyard, France – September 2015

A collection of abandoned aircraft parked up at an old airfield in France. I always enjoy abandoned planes but I still haven’t had much luck visiting a decent sized collection and this handful were not going to alter that fact :). the 3 planes which were there were however, a nice varied set with each having their own individual features…

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Haslar Hospital Pocock Brothers Padded Cell

Urbex: The Pocock Brothers Padded Cell, The Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport – June 2015

Padded cells were common place in many of the UK Insane Asylums and were considered essential in the control and treatment of some of the more extreme Asylum inmates. The primary function of the padded cells were to accommodate patients for short periods of time to prevent them from harming themselves when suffering epileptic and psychotic episodes but they were also used to monitor patients who had suicidal tendencies…

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West Ham Court and Morgue

Urbex: West Ham, Court and Bonus Morgue…, London – June 2015

The abandoned Court House located in West Ham, London, was built in 1884 and was designed by Lewis Angell. Built of Yellow brick and Portland stone the building is 3 storeys in parts with smaller extension buildings at the rear which housed the cells and the morgue was in a detached outbuilding…

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Buxton Crescent

Urbex: Buxton Crescent, Buxton – January 2015

The abandoned, well under renovation now, Buxton Crescent was erected between 1779 and 1789 based upon plans by John Carr of York. Originally created to provide high quality accommodation it became quite the centrepiece of the town and continued to serve its purpose as a hotel and assembly rooms throughout the majority of its history…

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Buxton Natural Mineral Water Baths

Urbex: Buxton Natural Mineral Water Baths, Buxton – January 2015

The abandoned Buxton Natural Mineral Water Baths. These Baths were originally founded by the Romans but were entirely rebuilt by the Corporation and officially re-opened by Sir Humphry D. Rolleston President of the royal college of physicians on May 17th 1924 they then closed in the 1970’s and have been empty ever since…

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St Josephs Seminary Upholland

Urbex: St Josephs Seminary Upholland, Lancashire, United Kingdom – May 2015 Revisit 6

Briefly, the abandoned St Joseph’s College, Upholland is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building were laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been deconsecrated following the announced closure of the College which saw the last students leave in 1992.

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Maison Gustaff

Urbex: Maison Gustaaf, Belgium – May 2015

Maison Gustaaf is another reasonably sized detached farm house which lays empty in Belgium. Inside the place is relatively untouched with all sorts of contents left behind in the bedrooms and the kitchen. Surprisingly the power still worked in a couple of rooms despite obvious signs of water damage to ceilings from the failing roof.

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Maison Paternoster

Urbex: Maison Paternoster, Belgium – May 2015

Maison Paternoster is an abandoned farmhouse somewhere in Belgium. We had the approximate co-ordinates but must admit we struggled to find the place :). Inside there was quite a lot of belongings left behind and the bedrooms were in excellent condition still set out as they would have been before the house became empty…

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The Little Miracles

Urbex: The Little Miracles, Belgium – May 2015

The so called “Little Miracles” are a collection of deceased babies stored presumably in formaldehyde, they were supposedly donated for medical research and further examination. Whilst the majority appeared to be normal in appearance there were a handful which featured deformities and most were scared with incision marks where they had received autopsies…

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