Château Gryffindor

Visited this Castle with Donna twice over the space of our 2 day trip, the first time we arrived pretty late in the day, light was fading and we still had a fair drive to our planned hotel for the night and so we had a quick look around the inside and decided to leave it until we had better light. We came back the following day and had a better look around the site including a couple of other detached buildings. The Chateau itself was obviously the main draw and I think accounts for most of the photos below including the lovely spiral staircase which leads up to a small landing area with decoratively painted walls. There was a room with an examination bed and a few pieces of other medical equipment which were one of the few remaining reminders of the last function of the building as a care home for the elderly. A lot of the upstairs rooms were bare, some had been stripped back to brick work and most were v oid of any contents. On the ground floor there were a few rooms which appeared to retain their original features with lovely plasterwork on the ceilings, on of these had acro props supporting the ceiling which was clearly suffering from weather damage presumably due to leaks in the roof.

On the whole the castle was in relatively good condition and certainly in a condition where it could be restored into a functional dwelling. The large building which sat opposite and appeared to be of similar age was also empty and was clearly part of the Chateau grounds. Its seemed to be slightly better kept than the Castle itself and appeared to have closed after the main chateau albeit probably not long after. It was a shame to see that the Gryffindor was missing from its potion at the bottom of the staircase, a void in the dust was the only remaining evidence of its existence, hopefully it had been moved into safe keeping and wasn’t stolen. I was pleasantly surprised by this place, Much better looking on the exterior than I had expected and although the insides were quite bare, there were still a few decent shots to be had. Enjoy the photos:


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