Whittingham Lunatic Asylum - Exterior

Urbex: Whittingham Lunatic Asylum – Near Preston – March 2010

Whittingham Hospital, whose grounds adjoin the village of Goosnargh, grew to be the largest mental hospital in the country, and pioneered the use of electroencephalograms (EEGs). During its time it had its own church, farms, railway, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, brewery, orchestra, brass band, ballroom and butchers…

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RAF Driffield - Peeling Paint in the Corridors

Urbex: RAF Driffield, Driffield Yorkshire – June 2009

Visited twice within a week of each other. The first time I didn’t have a flash torch or a tripod so had to revisit with my gear 🙂 Highlight of these trips had to be when exploring with Harriet we scoped out the first floor then when going round the same rooms again Harriet screamed having just…

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Thorpe Marsh Power Station - Cooling Towers

Urbex: Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Doncaster, South Yorkshire – June 2009

Above: View of the towers on approach the first visit to this place! weather was fantastic reflection in the pool of water really stood out even to the naked eye. Still in awe of the sheer size of these things at this point. Thorpe Marsh Power Station was abandoned in 1994 The site is now…

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The Leeds Reformatory for Boys - Swimming Pool

Urbex: The Leeds Reformatory for Boys aka Eastmoor Approved School Adel, Leeds – June 2009 (Revisit)

Another revisit to Eastmoor School you can find history and the photos from the first visits HERE. 9 Months after my original few visits and very little had changed to be honest. I’m not sure exactly when it happened as this was my list trip to eastmoor but I’ve seen other explorers photos recently which most of the tiled areas in…

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Holdsworths Mill Mirfield - Weigh Station

Urbex: Holdsworth Mill, Mirfield, Kirklees, Yorkshire – April 2009 (Revisit)

2nd Visit to this place, the first can be found here: http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/2013/01/21/urbex-holdsworth-mill-mirfield-kirklees-yorkshire-october-2008/ Not a great deal of history on this place, this visit was a return to get a few more detail shots with a bit of natural light however the explore wasn’t without a hitch and we had an unexpected early end to the evening. On with…

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Hunslet Mills Leeds

Urbex: Hunslet Mills, Leeds, Yorkshire – March 2009 (Revisit)

2nd visit to this place the history can be found here from my September 2008 visit If you’ve made it this far… thanks for reading / checking out the pictures. Leave me a comment below or hit the like button to let me know you’ve enjoyed the shots and to encourage me to keep posting more 🙂 Limited Edition…

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Aston Hall - Hydro Pool

Urbex: Aston Hall Mental Hospital, Ashton-on-Trent, Derby – October 2008

The hospital was opened in the 1930s. Each of the villas housed up to 50 patients but as the years passed the number gradually declined, especially with the advent of “Care In The Community”. As far as I can tell the site closed sometime in 2006 and has since become target somewhat by local youths and people stealing scrap metals…

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Hunslet Mill Leeds

Urbex: Hunslet Mills, Leeds, Yorkshire – October 2008

Hunslet Mill was constructed by William Fairbairn for John Wilkinson and completed circa 1842. By 1847 some 1,500 female staff were employed in the mill reeling flax. It was occupied by a firm of linen manufacturers called Richard Buckton and Son from 1868[ and then by a firm of blanket weavers called Dodgson and Hargreaves from the mid 1920s until it closed in 1966…

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The Leeds Reformatory for Boys aka Eastmoor Approved School - The Pool

Urbex: The Leeds Reformatory for Boys aka Eastmoor Approved School, Adel, Leeds, United Kingdom – September 2008

The complex first opened in 1857 as the Leeds Reformatory for Boys.Up to the mid-C19, children who committed crimes were commonly sent to adult prisons as there was no separate provision. The system was superseded by the Borstal system in the early C20 and many reformatories later became approved schools…

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Urbex: Abandoned Bank Vault, Yorkshire Bank Chapel Allerton Leeds – September 2008

I don’t know a great deal of background to this one… We established through the couple of documents left behind that this place was once a Yorkshire Bank building possibly some sort of sorting office rather than a customer facing environment perhaps either way it had a nice little surprise in the basement :).

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Dont look down - Chapel Allerton Hospital

Urbex: Gledhow Grove Mansion, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds, United Kingdom – September 2008

The Gledhow Grove Mansion became part of Chapel Allerton Hospital which was opened in May 1927 by HRH Princess Mary. It was run by the Ministry of Pensions and cost £130,000. It had two hundred beds and catered for former military personnel who had been injured in the Great War…

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