Severalls Lunatic Asylum – Squirrels Boutique

Urbex: Severalls Lunatic Asylum, Colchester – October 2012

History Severalls Lunatic Asylum aka The Second Essex County Asylum aka Severalls Hospital located in  Colchester, Essex was a psychiatric hospital built in 1910 based on a design by Frank Whitmore. The hospital opened in May 1913.  At its peak the 300 acre site had facilities to accommodate over 2000 patients and was based on the Echelon…

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George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works - Carpenters Workshop

Urbex: George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works, Sheffield, South Yorkshire – October 2012

History Borrowed from someone else’s urbex site report as I couldn’t find a great deal of info from other sources: George Barnsley was apprenticed into the filemakers trade in 1823 by his mother, Anne, who had been widowed. He was signed in to the apprenticeship – to a Thomas Wing of Sheffield – for seven years and two hundred…

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Mansfield General Hospital - Dont be a drip...

Urbex: Mansfield General, Mansfield – October 2012

The Abandoned Mansfield General Hospital. Construction initially began in 1889 and the hospital opened just one year later in 1890 with the intention of providing additional facilities to the local residents in light of outbreaks of diseases such as Typhoid, smallpox and tuberculosis which caused an increased demand for more hospital beds…

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The White House Tunnel - Pontefract

Urbex: The White House Tunnel, Pontefract – October 2012

I don’t have a lot of info on this place. I’ve driven past it hundreds of times and I’ve always considered having a look around but its been one I’ve put off for years. What I do know about the place is that about 15-20 years ago it started to become used as a bit…

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Dr X Manor House - Humber Super Snipe

Urbex: Dr X Manor House, Doncaster – October 2012

History A mock Elizabethan styled Manor House near Doncaster, once owned by a Doctor / psychiatrist? Someone who had a thing for classic cars and hi-fi’s based on the numerous magazines, car parts and beautiful classic cars in the garage. Seems to have been vacated in the early 1990’s and looks to be partly refurbished but certainly…

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Pilkington Grass Factory

Urbex: Pilkington Glass, Doncaster, South Yorkshire – October 2012

History Construction of the factory began in 1919 but it apparently opened in 1922 at great cost to the Pilkington company which was established in 1826 over in St Helens. The site was chosen due to its canal side location and access to local coal and sand. In 1923 Pilkington’s, in collaboration with Ford in…

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Overgrown House Doncaster

Urbex: The Little Overgrown House Near Doncaster, South Yorkshire – October 2012

The Little Overgrown House near Doncaster. I don’t have any History on this what so ever. A random find via browsing google maps, I stuck it on my potentials list to check out when Ryan and myself were having a bit of a reccy trip not expecting to find much. The place lived up to…

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Whittingham Lunatic Asylum - Room with a view

Urbex: Whittingham Insane Asylum, Goosnargh, Lancashire – September 2012 Part 2 (Revisit)

Whittingham Asylum aka Whittingham Lunatic Asylum aka Whittingham Mental Hospital Was separated into a number of divisions the most notorious being the subject of a large and public enquiry relating to various forms of patient abuse, theft of property and money as well as lack of book keeping which resulted in thousands of pounds of unaccounted for funds…

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Whittingham Lunatic Asylum - Dorms

Urbex: Whittingham Insane Asylum, Goosnargh, Lancashire – September 2012 Part 1 (Revisit)

The now abandoned Whittingham Insane Asylum and Hospital, whose grounds adjoin the village of Goosnargh, grew to be the largest mental hospital in the country, and pioneered the use of electroencephalograms (EEGs). During its time it had its own church, farms, railway, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, brewery, orchestra, brass band, ballroom and butchers…

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Urbex: The Pier Hartlepool and a quick visit to the Steetley Magnesite – May 2012

The Pier Hartlepool, I’d seen photographs when looking at the Steetley site visits by others so I already knew this thing was big but still it was great to see it with my own eyes and snap a few images. Surprisingly you can walk onto the start of it with no obstructions so I’ll be…

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Thorpe Marsh - Cooling Tower Demolition in Progress

Urbex: Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Doncaster, South Yorkshire – March 2012 (Revisit)

A few shots from what was to be my last visit to Thorpe Marsh Power Station. I quite liked this site, there wasn’t a lot to see other than the cooling towers but they were more than enough of a draw to keep me coming back for more photos. This trip was my first ride out with…

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Denbigh Lunatic Asylum - aka North Wales Hospital - Administration Building

Urbex: Denbigh Lunatic Asylum aka North Wales Hospital, Denbighshire, Wales – January 2012 (Revisit)

Dont forget to visit my first Denbigh post for all the history and some more photos HERE. This was my 3rd visit to Denbigh (Second with the camera) and this time I did bring my SLR! Access however wasn’t to be had inside the buildings so a few external shots for you to browse over. The first…

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Abandoned Newlands Estate Wakefield

Urbex: Newlands Estate, Wakefield, West Yorkshire – June 2011

This odd little abandoned village on the outskirts of Normanton was probably my first Urbex Experience. My old Landlord asked if we wanted to join him for a walk and he showed me this place just a mile or 2 from the main road accessed via a small dirt path next to some woods! While trolling the internet looking for information on this place I found links to several UK Urbexing websites and there began the addiction..

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Kingsway Hospital aka Derby Borough Asylum - Morgue

Urbex: Kingsway Hospital aka Derby Borough Asylum – Derby, Derbyshire – May 2011

  A good little explore, place was pretty much stripped bare and in the process of being demolished (too many of these old asylums have bitten the dust over the last 5 years). Best find was the morgue, although only small with room for 6 bodies it was still my first and I’m glad to…

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The Telamon aka Temple Hall Shipwreck Lanzarote

Urbex: The Telamon aka Temple Hall Shipwreck, Arrecife, Lanzarote – April 2011

An awesome little (well not so little) shipwreck off the coast of Arrecife in Lanzarote. Definitely one of my top 10 places to visit / photograph while on the Island of Lanzarote. The TEMPLE HALL was built in 1954 for Lambert Bros, London. Sold to Demetrios P. Margaronis in 1969, renamed PANTELIS and transferred to the Greek flag. 1970…

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Whittingham Lunatic Asylum -Bath Time!

Urbex: West Park Lunatic Asylum, Epsom, Surrey – August 2010

West Park Asylum (or West Park Hospital) was a large psychiatric hospital in Epsom, Surrey. When complete the hospital could cater for around 2,000 patients of mixed class, and hence the site had extensive boiler houses and plant rooms, a large laundry and a substantial water tower…

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Denbigh Lunatic Asylum aka North Wales Hospital

Urbex: Denbigh Lunatic Asylum aka North Wales Hospital, Denbighshire, Wales – July 2010

Denbigh asylum aka the North Wales Hospital is a magnificent example for the asylums in the UK, the architecture and position within the rural landscape are fantastic when you first roll up near the place. On this visit we had a pretty casual wonder round through most of the buildings…

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