The Last Asylum

Urbex: The Last Asylum, Somewhere, United Kingdom – April 2014

The Last of the great Asylums in the United Kingdom to close its doors I believe in 2012. The now abandoned site is quite large and on a scale similar to that of some of the other big asylums in the UK. Due to it being one of the last to close the interior was unsurprisingly very modern and bare with most of the equipment I suspect being moved to functioning hospital and care home facilities shortly after closure.

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Birkwood Asylum Spiral Staircase

Urbex: Birkwood Asylum, Somewhere, Scotland – April 2014 (revisit)

Birkwood Asylum dates from the 1860’s and closed in 2002. The most attractive of the buildings and the feature of this report is the old Birkwood House which was constructed in 1819 and was a stately home until the 1860’s when an additional wing was added and the Asylum established. Many additional buildings were added over the years within the grounds which are all now crumbling and falling apart while the old stone built stately home remains!

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Asylum G

Urbex: Glasgow District Asylum aka Gartloch Hospital aka Asylum G, Scotland – April 2014 (revisit)

If you want the full history check out the report from the first visit in January 2014: Gartloch Asylum. Briefly, the Asylum was built in 1989, opened in 1896 and then closed in 1996 after functioning as an Asylum, a Wartime supply Hospital and a General Hospital focusing on geriatric care under the NHS…

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Château Lumiere

Urbex: Château Lumiere, Somewhere, France – April 2014

The abandoned Château Lumiere, Built by a descendant of a wealthy tobacco tycoon the Neo-Baroque style building was erected in the early 1900’s. The property apparently benefits from some historical protections from the government, it has however remained abandoned since the 1950’s and despite several changes in hands no-one has returned to occupy the place…

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Château de la Forêt - Main Staircase

Urbex: Château de la Forêt, Belgium – April 2014

This unoccupied castle, Château de la Forêt, is a stunning Neo-Tudor style building. Built in 1860 the Castle sits in the middle of a forest with a large estate grounds. The Château is not technically abandoned, From what I have been able to establish the property was left to a group of descendants who are unable to agree upon a single owner…

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Home Sweet Home Hospital

Urbex: Home Sweet Home aka Forest View aka Hospital SS, Belgium – April 2014

An old abandoned geriatric Hospital which was previously a sanatorium built in 1957 and functioned for the majority of its history as a hospital for retired and elderly people, this now trashed building still contains lots of wheelchairs a reminder of what the place once was. Shortly before its closure it was been replaced by a newer building which sits directly opposite this now burnt out concrete shell of a site…

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Woolton Hall aka Wacky Tacky Manor aka Katie’s House

Urbex: Woolton Hall aka Wacky Tacky Manor aka Katie’s House, Liverpool – March & April 2014 (2 Visits)

Woolton Hall is in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool, Merseyside, England. It is a former country house built in 1704 and extensively renovated in 1772 by the influential architect Robert Adam. It is praised as the finest example of Robert Adam’s work in the north of England…

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Prison H15 Womend Wing from the Guard Tower

Urbex: Prison H15, France – March 2014 (revisit 2)

This abandoned prison in France named H15 closed at some point in 2010 when another detention centre which was closer to modern american maximum security prisons was built. This old prison which is described as dilapidated before its closure was set for demolition before the site was occupied by travellers

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Château Du Cavalier

Urbex: Château Du Cavalier, France – March 2014

There is very little history to be found on this abandoned Château codenamed Château Du Cavalier by other explorers. All I could seem to find out is that the property had been most recently purchased by a Chinese investor who apparently has intentions to refurbish the place back into a home or potentially a hotel.

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Château de Singes

Urbex: Château de Singes aka Castle of Monkeys aka Chateau la Folie, France – March 2014

There is very little information on the Abandoned Château de Singes which I could find on the internet. I’ve read that the House was built in the 17th Century and that the last owners vacated in around 1976. Singes is one of those buildings that just has some wow factor about it both internally and externally.

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Severalls Asylum Colchester - Purple Corridor

Urbex: Severalls Lunatic Asylum, Colchester – March 2014 (revisit 3) Part 1 of 3

Briefly Severalls Lunatic Asylum aka The Second Essex County Asylum aka Severalls Hospital was built in 1910 and opened in 1913. At its peak the Asylum could house 2000 patients making it one of the largest in the country. Based upon the Echelon Asylum Plan Severalls has become well known for its spiralling Corridors which connect various buildings and the vast amount of bay windows within the wards.

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St Josephs Seminary Upholland - Corridors

Urbex: St Josephs Seminary Upholland, Lancashire, United Kingdom – March 2014 (revisit 3 and 4) Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of yet another trip the The abandoned Seminary in Upholland. We were blessed with some excellent light, here are another batch of shots taken from the visit including the dormitories, ground floor corridors and the study hall. Enjoy!

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St Josephs Seminary Upholland - The Red Chapel

Urbex: St Josephs Seminary Upholland, Lancashire, United Kingdom – March 2014 (revisit 3 and 4) Part 1 of 2

Briefly, the abandoned St Joseph’s College, Upholland is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building were laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The last students left Upholland in 1992 and the building has been empty since 1999.

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Ushaw Seminary

Urbex: Ushaw Seminary, Durham – March 2014 (Revisit)

Briefly the abandoned Ushaw College, a former Catholic seminary was founded in 1808 by scholars from English College, Douai, who had fled France after that college had been closed during the French Revolution. Ushaw College had been affiliated with the University of Durham since 1968 and finally closed in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations.

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