Bureau Central

Urbex: Bureau Central et Château Wendel, France – May 2015

Château Wendel and the Bureau Central was originally built in 1704 and acquired in 1720 byJean Martin Wendel to act as the central office for the Steelworks owned and operated by the family. The large building which was added to multiple times over the years now stands empty and abandoned opposite the tended orangeries and park…

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Oculus Tower

Urbex: Oculus Tower, Italy – April 2015

Oculus Tower, this rather large, hollow circular structure built of concrete sits in the middle of a large industrial site surrounded by lots of other abandoned buildings. Sadly we didn’t have the time spare on our itinerary to check out the other buildings so instead we focused on this impressive tower structure. I’m not exactly sure what…

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Hospital SC - The Hexagonal Staircase

Urbex: Ospedale SC aka Hospital SC, Italy – April 2015

Hospital SC, another abandoned hospital In Italy, this time, a little more modern than the Manicomio’s but still quite dated based upon the equipment left behind. I really enjoyed this place, despite being a bit trashed clearly by local vandals and although it had a fair bit of graffiti there were still some nice photos to be had…

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