Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Urbex: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool – September 2016 (Revisit)

The abandoned Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool was originally intended to be a workhouse the for insane. Despite being the original intent of the site when the land was purchased by the Board of Poor Law Guardians, plans changed and the Hospital first opened its doors in 1914 as a military hospital during the First World War. The Hospital finally closed it’s doors in 2015…

Altrincham General Hospital

Urbex: Altrincham General Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom – September 2016

History of Altrincham General Hospital An old Victorian Hospital building in Altrincham which has been demolished. The building operated as part of Altrincham General Hospital before it was earmarked for replacement with a newer modern facility on the same grounds. Our Visit   We visited early, which was probably a good idea given the location…

Château Gryffindor

Urbex: Château Gryffindor, France – September 2015

The Chateau itself was obviously the main draw and I think accounts for most of the photos below including the lovely spiral staircase which leads up to a small landing area with decoratively painted walls. There was a room with an examination bed and a few pieces of other medical equipment which were one of the few remaining reminders of the last function of the building as a care home for the elderly.