Le Château de Lesches

This lovely Château was empty and abandoned when I visited back in September 2005, when doing a little more research on the place for this article I found that new owners had purchased an occupied the Castle and will be working to renovate the place. If you would like to find out more on the renovation works and see how they progress you can visit the Facebook page for the Castle here. Details surrounding the History of Le Château de Lesches is difficult to trace reliably and there are conflicting accounts on the Internet. The most credible seems to suggest that the Castle was built at some point between  1641 and 1796 which, I appreciate is quite a wide time frame. Most likely it was built between 1765 and 1790 as the Castle was reportedly sold in 1796 for £55,000, It has then changed hands a number of times before it finally fell empty, again date unconfirmed.

I was pleasantly surprised by the features in this building, externally it was appealing from both the front with its gated courtyard and the rear with is huge walled grounds. Inside the rooms were varied and most still had lots of their original features, clearly the building was suffering from weather damage with some of the upstairs corridors becoming quite unsafe but still in a reasonable condition and well worth attempting to restore. Enjoy the photos:



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