OM Asylum Cell

Urbex: OM Asylum, United Kingdom – June 2013 Part 1 of 2

I’m not going to do a full history on this one just yet, Demolition is well under way with parts of the site completely demolished already. Briefly this old Abandoned Asylum somewhere in the UK was established in the very early 1800’s and closed in the early twentieth century. The Asylum catered for both private…

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Serenity Hospital - Staircase

Urbex: The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital, Gosport – June 2013 (revisit) Part 3 of 3

The third and final instalment of the Serenity revisit report, This part features the more modern staircase, yet another CT scanner, all the group shots and the one and only wheelchair that I came across during my visit to this huge site. Links at the bottom to the previous reports which have loads more photos…

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Serenity Hospital - Main Entrance Hall

Urbex: The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital, Gosport – June 2013 (revisit) Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of the revisit to Serenity Hospital. This monster of an abandoned hospital has so much to offer from a photographic perspective. Its sad to see so much medical equipment just being left to rot especially some of the larger X-ray  machines and MRI scanners. This Part of the report features the Main entrance…

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Serenity Hospital Rooftops

Urbex: The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital, Gosport – June 2013 (revisit) Part 1 of 3

Welcome to Part 1 of 3 post for this epic revisit to Serenity Hospital! Visited this time With Mars Lander, Ssssshhh, Luckpants and Perjury Saint. Whilst I really enjoyed the first trip here, seeing it all again for a second time but this time feeling a little bit more familiar with the layout I was…

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Gray & Dunn & Co Buscuit Factory Glasgow

Urbex: Gray Dunn & Co, aka Custard Cream Factory, Glasgow, Scotland – June 2013

History Gray, Dunn & Co the bakers and biscuit manufacturers were founded in 1853 and received a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria. There is little information about Gray, Dunn & Co in the twentieth century. The firm’s factory was built in Stanley Street in Kinning Park in 1862 but destroyed by fire thirteen years later and…

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Pigeon Church

Urbex: Pigeon Church, Scotland – June 2013

Externally the building looks more like a town hall or courtroom building rather than a church and the bell towers appears to have been a later addition perhaps the building may have had a previous function in its history. Unsure how long this one had been abandoned but its certainly becoming worse for wear!

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The Unseen Asylum - Children's Ward

Urbex: The Unseen Asylum, Scotland – June 2013

The Unseen Asylum, An abandoned Asylum in Scotland was part 2 of our S.O’C.C. tour of Scotland with our tour guides Baron Scotland, Stussy and Sickbag Scattergun. In addition to our seasoned Scottish tour guides we had Beardy, Dystopia, Sonyes and Mr Costello in tow. Huge thanks to Stussy again for the access assistance and location suggestion…

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RCH Asylum - The Chair

Urbex: RCH Asylum, Scotland, United Kingdom – June 2013

A weekend away for the Silly O’clock Crew we decided to venture up to Scotland to meet up with our good friends and Scotland’s finest explorers Baron Scotland, Stussy and Sickbag Scattergun. Destination number 1 was the infamous RCH Asylum. Crack of dawn was our choice time for approach and after an epic marathon drive…

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Wallpaper Factory - The Stairs

Urbex: Abandoned Wallpaper Warehouse and Store, Somewhere, United Kingdom – June 2013

This one has to win the prize for most interesting spot of the day. A rather unsual place, seemed in parts still used and in others completely derelict. Some really cool features, access to the roof tops both on a top and a cross section.  The lights were on in parts and there appeared to…

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Aircraft Graveyard - Percival Sea Prince

Urbex: Aircraft Graveyard, United Kingdom – June 2013 (revisit)

Not much of a revisit as sadly the other planes and helicopter were… lets just say… off limits this trip. We did however have some fun climbing all over the other plane what I believe to be a Percival Sea Prince (please correct me in the comments if I’m mistaken). Visited with altdayout, pete and…

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Mitchells of Lancaster Brewery and Malthouse

Urbex: Mitchell’s of Lancaster Brewery and Malthouse – May 2013

History OK so based upon what I have read, apparently Timbers in the malthouse have been examined by the English Heritage and some including the attic floors were found to have been there since 1750.  I cant vouch for the validity of this information but if that is the case then its a pretty old…

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Lancaster Moor Hospital aka Lancaster Asylum

Urbex: Lancaster Moor Hospital, aka Lancaster Asylum, Lancashire – May 2013

History Lancaster Moor Hospital was Lancashire’s first County Lunatic Asylum. The decision to build it was taken in 1809, one year after the permissive County Asylums Act, 1808. Designed by architect Thomas Standen The hospital opened in 1816 as the ‘County Lunatic Asylum for the County Palatine of Lancaster’. The Asylum was extended in stages throughout…

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Dr X Manor House - The Pool

Urbex: Dr X Manor House, Doncaster – May 2013 (revisit)

History A mock Elizabethan styled Manor House near Doncaster, once owned by a Doctor / psychiatrist? Someone who had a thing for classic cars and hi-fi’s based on the numerous magazines, car parts and beautiful classic cars in the garage. Seems to have been vacated in the early 1990’s and looks to be partly refurbished, More recently…

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St Johns The Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum - Cell Corridors

Urbex: The Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum – May 2013 (revisit) Part 2

Don’t forget to check out part one of the  report for the history and more photos here! If you’ve made it this far… thanks for reading / checking out the pictures. Leave me a comment below or hit the like button to let me know you’ve enjoyed the shots and to encourage me to keep posting more 🙂 Canvas…

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St Johns The Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum - The Main Staircase

Urbex: The Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum – May 2013 (revisit) Part 1

My 3rd trip to the abandoned St Johns Asylum in Lincoln. Full history and photos from the first 2 visits can be found in the report from September 2012. Briefly the Asylum was built in 1852 and enlarged on several subsequent occasions in 1859, 1866, 1881 and 1902.  The asylum finally closed in 1989/1990 and…

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St Josephs Orphanage - Operating Theatre

Urbex: St Josephs Orphanage, Preston, Lancashire – May 2013 Part 2

More photos from the abandoned St Joseph’s Orphanage in Preston. This 2nd part of the report focuses more on the repurposed medical wing which was added to the building when it became a nursing home. Complete with several operating theatres which still have the theater lights in tact, there were some really nice scenes to…

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