Hospital Plaza - The Large Chapel

Urbex: Hospital Plaza, France – October 2014

Hospital Plaza is a rather large complex which features seemingly endless corridors full of bedrooms or wards, a large theatre room and a stunning chapel which remains in near perfect condition. The chapel is quite a prominent feature of this building leading me to believe that it may have once been a seminary…

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Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs

Urbex: Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs, France – October 2014

A huge Château located in a large grounds, Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs is quite isolated from the nearby homes. This gorgeous castle has been somewhere I have wanted to photograph since I saw pictures online. Clearly the building had fallen into disrepair but observations during our trip suggest that the building is undergoing some renovation works and will one day hopefully be restored to its former glory…

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Château Sous Les Nuages

Urbex: Château Sous Les Nuages aka The Castle in the Clouds, France – October 2014

Not much information about this gorgeous Château… Internally the building had some clear signs of modernization in comparison to the much older external architecture. Château Sous Les Nuages or the Castle in the Clouds appears to have been left empty with much of the belongings left behind. There are some hint to attempts to renovate…

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Burnley Empire Theatre

Urbex: The Empire ‘Strikes Back’ Theatre, Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom – September 2014

Originally called the Empire Theatre of Varieties, this theatre opened in Burnley in 1894 with capacity to seat 1935 people. Funded by the Directors of the Victoria Opera House Limited. In 1995 the building became abandoned and has rapidly deteriorated both internally and externally…

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The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital

Urbex: The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital, Gosport – September 2014 (revisit 3)

The Royal Hospital Haslar was founded in 1753 and was designed and built by Theodore Jacobsen between 1946-1961. When it was constructed it was both the largest hospital and brick built building in England. Britain’s first Naval Hospital which span a huge area on the coastline of Gosport is also the site of a massive unmarked grave site with an estimated 7,785 buried sailors…

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London Rooftops - Battersea Powestation at night

Urbex: London Rooftops, Battersea Power Station at night, United Kingdom – September 2014

We moved across the city to get a different vantage point, this time our view was of the development works taking place at Battersea Power Station. It’s been a while since I visited Battersea and the first time we had planned only to get external photographs…

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London Rooftops - The Palace of Westminster

Urbex: London Rooftops, The Palace of Westminster & The London Eye at night, United Kingdom – September 2014

For quite some time now I have wanted to take a trip to London and climb some tall buildings for some night shots… I finally got my wish and man was it a bloody good night! 2 amazing views of stunning iconic Locations across the city, great weather conditions with only a slight shower while we were at the first spot… Location number 1 provided some great views of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye with a few other choice buildings behind us…

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Spillers Millennium Mill

Urbex: Spillers Millennium Mills, London, United Kingdom – September 2014

Designed and built by Mills William Vernon & Sons of West Float, Birkenhead in 1905 the now abandoned Millennium Mills was a flour mill equipped by Henry Simon Ltd that was capable of producing 100 sacks of flour per hour. The Royal Docks and Millennium Mills closed in 1981…

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The Wizards Theatre - Old Film Projectors

Urbex: The Wizards Theatre, United Kingdom – August 2014

This old dusty abandoned theatre was a little bit of a mess inside, the floors were starting to feel a bit soft and with this being an unplanned visit I was without my LED lights. The saving grace was that the projection room was complete with the old film projectors and splicing table along with a few old film reels rusting away…

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The not so white morgue aka The Maids Morgue

Urbex: The not so white morgue aka The Maids Morgue – August 2014 (revisits 1 & 2)

Two more trips to this abandoned morgue with its impressive porcelain slab. I went back for 2 more trips with Andy de Kay of Behind Closed Doors, Matt, Danny, Old Skool, and Baron Scotland. If you’ve seen the first report you have probably noticed the overkill of shots… well considering the small size of this building its shocking that I found more to post…

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Chateau Rochendaal - Chapel

Urbex: Chateau Rochendaal, Belgium – August 2014

The now abandoned Chateau Rochendaal was built in 1881 by Jean Henri Paul Ulens, a former lawyer, for himself and his cousin bride Marie. The property was then seized by the Germans during the Nazi occupation of Belgium. The Castle was apparently once a home for Otto Frieze a famous German Luftwaffe pilot who was known as the ‘Night Hunter’…

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Krankenhaus von rollstühlen aka Hospital of Wheelchairs - The TV Room

Urbex: Krankenhaus von rollstühlen aka Hospital of Wheelchairs, Germany – August 2014

This building from what I understand was once a private residence but was later used as a retirement home / residential care centre which catered for the elderly in their final days. Despite its name there was little evidence to suggest that this building functioned as anything other than a care home. There were a couple of beds in the basement which could have been consultation tables but I would suspect that few medical treatments would have taken place here…

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Spreepark Berlin aka Kulturpark Plänterwald - Ferris Wheel

Urbex: Spreepark Berlin aka Kulturpark Plänterwald, Germany – July 2014

This now abandoned entertainment / theme park was first opened in 1969 and took the name for which it is more popularly known, Kulturpark Plänterwald. In 1989 a company named GmbH won the contract to take over the park following reunification and the amusement park was renamed Spreepark owing to its close proximity to the river Spree…

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Haus der Offiziere - Wünsdorf - The Theatre

Urbex: Haus der Offiziere – Wünsdorf, Germany – July 2014

In 1910 a military training camp was built, the now abandoned Haus der Offiziere was added in 1914 as military sports school, which was later adopted seamlessly by the Nazis. This was just part of the huge site which became known as Wünsdorf or “Little Moscow” in the 1950’s. The town which grew to accommodate 35,000 people from the Soviet republic was significant in size and worthy of its nickname…

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