Château Verdure

The abandoned Château Verdure! Finally, I got around to seeing this place! It’s one of those locations which has been on the to-do list for quite some time but has always ended up being shelved for something else… Visited on 2 occasions over 2 days, the first trip was short and sweet just stuck our head in for a few shots of the place before moving on to a couple of other locations. The Second day we went back and found a couple doing a model shoot on the Piano, we’d had the same idea and so we waited until they had finished or at least they were having a break before we nipped in the rear entrance hall and grabbed a few shots by the Piano. It was only when we were leaving we realised we were not alone… I was later informed that some other explorers had been approaching the place and had been seen by neighbours who had called the police, our unfortunate timing as we exited left us face to face with the police officers who had just moved the other group from the area of the Chateau. Fortunately, the police were friendly enough and after checking our documents let us continue with our trip.


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