The Twin Morgue

What’s better than a nice disused morgue… well two of them 🙂 The abandoned Twin Morgues in Belgium are located on the ground floor (at least I think it was ground floor) of an empty University building. The first room house a large modern metal slab and had cabinets to one side presumably used to temporarily store samples and tools. The second room which was similar in the colour of the tiles floors and painted walls had a much more traditional layout with a central porcelain slab and stainless steel work surfaces and sinks along one side of the room and a glass cabinet on the other which would have housed the cutting tools. Unusual to see both styles of morgue tables being used until closure within the same building, certainly the first time I have come across such a thing and they were both in great condition. Visited with Scott of Darbians, Matt and Andy of BCD, enjoy the photos:


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