St Josephs Seminary Upholland - Main Corridor

Urbex: St Josephs Seminary Upholland, Lancashire, United Kingdom – September 2013 (revisit) Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of the revisit to the abandoned St Josephs Seminary. Check out Part 1 for the History and details of the trip here. And finally a few group shots from the dress up extravaganza :). If you’ve made it this far… thanks for reading / checking out the pictures. Leave me a comment below or hit…

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St Josephs Seminary Upholland

Urbex: St Josephs Seminary Upholland, Lancashire, United Kingdom – September 2013 (revisit) Part 1 of 2

History Briefly, the abandoned St Joseph’s College, Upholland is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building were laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been deconsecrated following the announced closure of the College which saw the last students…

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Soda Ash Works

Urbex: Soda Ash Works, Wallerscote Island – August 2013

The History of Soda Ash Works Founded by a couple of chaps named John  Brunner and Ludwig Mond in 1973 they began producing soda ash about a year later. They used brine solution, ammonia and limestone to produce sodium carbonate in pure form. I understand that at its peak the factory produced 200,000 tons of soda…

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St Davids Abandoned Hotel Wales

Urbex: St David’s Hotel, Wales – August 2013

This beautiful abandoned Hotel building sits by the coast on Wales. Disused and stripped of everything and anything of value. You’d think with these sorts of views and the location that someone would have purchased the property whilst it was still in good condition and retained it as a hotel or even converted it into…

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Y Heulog Farmhouse

Urbex: Y Heulog Farmhouse, Wales – August 2013

Not much info on this one… just another derelict farm house in Wales full of belongings from the previous owners. Visited with Dystopia, Shush, Skanky pants, Travis, Lowri and beardy, this was a special little place full of all sorts of items left from the previous owners. There were signs that the property was beginning…

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CWM Coke Works, Baddau, Wales

Urbex: CWM Coke Works, Baddau, Wales – August 2013

History This huge abandoned site was constructed in 1958 following the establishment of local mines and collieries in the previous 100 years From what I have read the majority of the low sulphur high quality coal which was mined at the nearby CWM colliery was processed here producing high grade coke suitable for foundry use.…

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Cuddles Morgue

Urbex: Cuddles Morgue – August 2013

No info on this one, just another abandoned Morgue… Enjoy! If you’ve made it this far… thanks for reading / checking out the pictures. Leave me a comment below or hit the like button to let me know you’ve enjoyed the shots and to encourage me to keep posting more 🙂 Canvas prints and regular prints are available for…

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HM Stanley Hospital - Wheel Chair

Urbex: HM Stanley Hospital, Wales – August 2013

History HM Stanley Hospital was originally established as a Workhouse in 1938. Between 1855 and 1906, the chapel was built and laundry extended. In 1906 a 2-storey infirmary was built at the rear of the Workhouse (north east) to house the sick inmates and members of the public, and in 1924 it was joined to the workhouse.…

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The Wind Turbine

Urbex: The Wind Turbine – Norfolk – July 2013

Just a random little stop on the way to our intended destination.Something a little different to the norm… not quite derelict as still generating power feeding into the national grid. While refuelling I spotted what appeared to be a platform at the top of a wind turbine visible from the garage… we decided to go…

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Little Plumstead Hospital / Asylum

Urbex: Little Plumstead Hospital / Asylum, Norfolk – July 2013

History Little Plumstead Hospital / Asylum is a cluster of abandoned buildings in Norfolk spread over quite a large area, all with different architectural features making it obvious that the complex had been added to several times over the course of its existence. In addition to the buildings which still remain I have read that…

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The Fletchers Convalescents Home

Urbex: The Fletchers Convalescents Home, Norfolk – July 2013

History Built for the benefit of the patients of the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, the former Fletcher Convalescent Home is now itself in need of some TLC. Absorbed into the NHS during the twentieth century, it was converted into a geriatric unit and then closed and sold for development. Planning permission for its conversion to…

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TB Hospital Mundesley

Urbex: Mundesley TB Hospital. Mundesley, Norfolk – July 2013

History (borrowed from Norfolk Explorer on OS): An early purpose-built TB sanatorium in England opened in 1899 and provides a rare surviving example of a timber framed prefabricated hospital building. Originally there were also a number of moveable wooden huts in the grounds, looking rather like summerhouses on wheels, in which patients could spend all…

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George Barnsley & Sons aka The Cornish Works Sheffield

Urbex: George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works, Sheffield, South Yorkshire – July 2013 (revisit 2)

History Briefly George Barnsley’s began manufacturing files before becoming one of the worlds leading manufacturers of tools for the shoe making and leather trades. Closing in 2003 the place is like a walk through time in both its construction and architecture to the items left behind. A very photogenic explore it will always be a favourite…

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Middleton Mine - Firework Display

Urbex: Hopton Wood Stone Quarry aka Middleton Mine, Derbyshire – July 2013

History Middleton mine spans a site approximately 168ha of land and is made up of 26 miles of tunnels across 3 levels. From the 18th Century until the end of World War 2, Middleton Quarry produced high quality limestone capable of taking surface polish, for use in monuments and other ornamental products. After declining demand…

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