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Coming Soon…

I try to post the site reports and photographs from my explores in some sort of a chronological order where possible, because of this and due to the amount of places I visit I always have a little bit of a backlog of processing. Here you can find a little teaser as to what you can expect to see coming soon within the site reports section:

More abandoned theme parks More abandoned theme parks

Abandoned Asylums Abandoned Asylums

Crumbling Asylums Crumbling Asylums

An abandoned Asylum An abandoned Asylum

An assembly room in the UK An assembly room in the UK

A French Chateau A French Chateau

An Empty Pool An Empty Pool

A rotting RAF Airbase A rotting RAF Airbase

A military Barracks in France A military Barracks in France

More french Chateaux More french Chateaux

More from an empty Children's Hospital More from an empty Children’s Hospital

More from Miranda More from Miranda

Another stunning French Chateau Another stunning French Chateau

All these and more will eventually end up in the Site Reports sections of the website, be sure to check back for regular updates 🙂

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