Château Fachos Exterior

Château Fachos, visited with Donna, we approached this place through some woods and as soon as we came across the main castle I instantly fell in love with the place. Sitting relatively untouched windows all intact with no boards on them surrounded by woodland and having so much character to it this one was an instant favourite before we even got inside.

The place seems to have been separated out into multiple self-contained dwellings at one point. I’m unsure if this was a single family ownership or a joint ownership arrangement, it is even possible that the castle may have served as a hotel for some time. The bedrooms were all pretty unique some showing heavy decay while others were in great condition and had lots of belongings’ in them. The main dining room with its large dining table and oversized stone fireplace dominated the ground floor alongside the entrance hall and staircase which featured a red carpet. From what I gather the Château was originally built in the seventeenth century and was later significantly renovated and landscaped in the 1960’s. I cannot find out when exactly it became abandoned but I suspect around 5-10 years ago.

A rather enjoyable explore and some nice shots to be had but I believe this place has since been occupied by family members of the previous owners on with the photos:

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