Urbex: Powerplant V, Italy – April 2015

Powerplant V is an abandoned Hydro-electric power plant in Italy which appears to be attached to a factory of some description. Whilst the majority of the site has been abandoned for quite some time, there are some buildings which appear to be still in use possibly still generating power from the nearby water source…

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Villa Sbertolli - Main Hall

Urbex: Villa Sbertolli, an Italian Asylum, Italy – April 2015

Villa Sbertolli is an abandoned Asylum complex in Italy and comprises of several buildings arranged along a winding road. The whole place has been derelict for quite some time and some of the buildings are completely bricked up. We were however lucky enough to find a way into this amazing Villa building which I understand was once a private residence but later incorporated within the new use of the site as it became an Asylum catering for the insane…

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Paragorn Hotel

Urbex: Paragon Hotel, Italy – April 2015

The rather large Paragon Hotel in Italy has been empty for around 10-15 years and is frequently occupied by the homeless. Occupying a pretty central location in a relatively large city, one of its dominating features is the main ballroom which has a huge skylight in the middle. Draped with fabric, the skylight provides a nice diffused light on the white and gold accented room…

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Blue Chapel Monastery - The Main Chapel

Urbex: Blue Chapel Monastery, Italy – April 2015

The Blue Chapel Monastery in Italy sits abandoned and features a bright blue chapel with a very large cross hanging from the ceiling. The chapel itself is the main point of interest in the place as the rest of the building was pretty well stripped back to its concrete and brick construction…

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Monastero MG Italy

Urbex: Monastero MG, Italy – April 2015

The abandoned Monastero MG in Italy is an empty, large Monastery which sits in walled grounds surrounded by a moat with a bridge to the front gate. Certainly an impressive building from many aspects the design is inconsistent and clearly shows that the building has been added to and extended multiple times in what I can imagine was a long history of this religious site…

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Villa Moglia - Exterior

Urbex: Villa Moglia, Italy – April 2015

The abandoned┬áVilla Moglia is a large residential property surrounded by vast farmland located just outside a small village. I remeber driving on dirt tracks for quite some distance to locate this place due to its quite isolated location. Once we arrived and made our way inside we soon realised we were not alone. Its seems…

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Church of A

The Church of A, Italy – April 2015

The Church of A is an Abandoned Seminary in Italy. Clearly derelict for quite some years now the majority of the building is bare with only a few chalk boards left on some of the classroom walls. There was however a nice little chapel on the ground floor with lovely decorated walls and arched ceilings and the altar still on the whole intact…

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Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital - Dentist Chair

Urbex: Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital, Italy – April 2015

The first stop on our Italian Urbex tour the abandoned Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital. Despite the beds being gone there were still plenty of things to shoot here including a couple of classrooms complete with children’s stools and desks and a medical room with a dentist type chair and several bottles of unknown liquids…

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St Josephs Seminary - The Courtyard

Urbex: St Josephs Seminary Upholland, Lancashire, United Kingdom – April 2015 Revisit 5

Despite my numerous previous visits to St Josephs Seminary due to a combination of alarms and not having a clue where they were the infamous row of sinks had eluded me. On this visit however, we were pretty blessed to find a fault on the alarm system which appeared to have disabled the sirens, we were in luck!

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An Abandoned Bulgarian Theatre

Urbex: An Abandoned Bulgarian Theatre, Bulgaria – March 2015

The only other decent location we had on our list in Bulgaria… this nice little decaying theatre which sits abandoned in a small town way out in the sticks. From what I understand the theatre was part of the soviet regime and used to show films from the state but after the fall of the iron curtain the Theatre which also acted as a cinema closed and has since fallen into disrepair…

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The Buzludzha Monument aka The House of the Bulgarian Communist

Urbex: Buzludzha Communist Party Monument, Bulgaria – March 2015 Day 2 (Revisit)

Our second day at the┬áBuzludzha monument, another chance to climb the tower and this time snap a few shots with the fisheye. We also visited the smaller monument with the two torches that sit in the foreground a little further down the mountain. Weather conditions were not quite as bitterly cold and, as a result,…

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