Hahaha not a chance try www.google.com and you might get lucky 🙂

I have a lot of requests for information surrounding locations, access, maps but the majority of the time I am unlikely to provide a favourable response. Unfortunately the places I visit are often targeted by metal thieves, vandals and people wanting to cause damage to them and so I generally only provide full location maps of urbex locations that I have been to, to close friends and people I have met and trust.



Or not…

melvyn says:

Eve I got you on fb pmsl me.its near my house lol


lol, whats near your house?

Mandy says:

Loving your vids and pics, hoping to go exploring soon… great stuff. Mark i tried to find location but failed 🙁

Louis says:

Hi I’m Louis producer of movies such as Besson Stable and this location would be perfect for my upcoming film however I cannot find out who owns this site nor where it is could you email me at louishughjones86@gmail.com

Mark says:


Haven’t been urban exploring for years now, last place i visited was West Park before it all got renovated/destroyed, went there countless times. Saw your video of “Serenity Hospital” and its inspired me to get back on it but I cant find the location anywhere!

Would you be able to PM/Email me a hint to its location?

Your photo’s are awesome


Joe says:

Hi i’ve being looking for somewhere to visit for a while somewhere spooky and quite overwhelming and i’m just wondering if Severalls Lunatic Asylum is still there as it would be a great adventure for me and my friends and details for location if possible it would be really helpful for our college projects.


Hi Joe,

Severalls is still there for a little while… I believe they are due to start knocking it down this year so best be quick if you intend to visit. Location you’ll find on google if you look hard.

All the best


Aaron says:

Yo can u give me acess details for sumwhere to explore? Do I have to brake in cuz Ive got a jemmy innit? How did you get into like St Geralds? cheers blud


Hi Aaron, cheers for the comment! unfortunately I wouldnt condone breaking in anywhere, you might find yourself in a little bother with the police if you do that! best just to have a look about and find some open access 😀

All the best blud


Lee says:

Hey there, i have a increasing battle with Environmental health with noise pollution from my venues, i want to create a really quirky walk through – sound proofed corridor, ideally the shell of a plane to complement the raw underground series of venues i have here in Birmingham. I’m asking for some help i guess… where the hell can i get a shell of a plane?!!!

james says:

are you on about for a rave or something? u should do one on the top floors of five ways tower, thatd b sick.

Give The Location says:




Jade says:

Hey, i understand that you don’t give out addresses and completely respect that, i was just wondering if St. Gerard’s Hospital is still there or not, due to me and a few people hopefully heading out soon to explore it. If you could email me letting me know, it would be brilliant.
Keep up the awesome pics 🙂


Hi Jade,

I havent been back myself in a while but I have been informed that large building machinery was recently spotted on site so demo work is likely to be starting very soon…

all the best


suggy says:

eve contact me on 07725076669 regarding cook ridge

Awesome, simply awesome! The temptation to click it anyway, knowing it can’t be true. Ah, how predictable mankind is… 😀


Haha thank you I try to have a sense of humour about these things 😀

Eve says:

Hey I’m looking for where the Cookridge Hospital location is i need to find out as soon as possible please get in touch with my email thanks


Hi Eve, Sorry I don’t give out location details.

Dale Preece says:

Hello Im a Flight Sergeant at my Air Cadet Squadron in Derbyshire and I saw your pictures of the aircraft. thought this would be a good day out and a educational one as well but I cant seem to find the location anywhere. I understand that you don’t want to give the locations out but id thought id try my look anyway. If you want to talk to me ************ is my mobile number if you want to contact me. Regards Dale preece


Cheers for the comment dale, ive sent you an email! All the best PM