CCCP Hospital, aka The Blue Theatre Hospital

Urbex: CCCP Hospital, aka The Blue Theatre Hospital, Germany – July 2014

History The abandoned blue theatre also know as the CCCP Hospital, is a sizeable derelict Russian hospital complex located somewhere in Germany. Despite there being a lot more to this place we focused on the largest building which housed the operating theatres. Based on some of the murals on the wall it would appear that…

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Dr Anna’s House and Surgery – The Body Parts

Urbex: Dr Anna’s Haus aka Dr Anna’s House and Surgery, Somewhere, Germany – July 2014

After the death of her Husband the surgery was rented out to other doctors who used the place as a Urology Clinic, it appears that the Doctors wife continued to live at the property until somewhere between 2000-2010 when she moved into a nursing home leaving the property abandoned…

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The Cavern of the Lost Souls aka Car Graveyard Mine

Urbex: The Cavern of the Lost Souls aka The Car Graveyard Mine, Wales, United Kingdom – July 2014

No information on this one for the moment, I may populate this report later with text but for now its a big hole in the ground, aka a Mine in wales that has a pretty awesome feature to it…a huge cascade of abandoned vehicles flooding in from a hole at the top into a lake, now presumably full of all sorts of skin rotting chemicals :).

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Reflections of Hotel Thermale

Urbex: Hotel Thermale aka Hotel Des Theremes, France – June 2014

The Abandoned Hotel Thermal aka Hotel Des Theremes is a derelict hotel rotting away somewhere in France. The hotel complex is quite large and we only managed to explore one of the main buildings, what appeared to be accommodation area and recreational areas. The complex specialised in ‘healing baths’ targeted towards the elderly…

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Château de la Chapelle - The Chapel

Urbex: Château de la Chapelle, Belgium – June 2014

The abandoned Château de la Chapelle is a large residential building which appears to have been used at some point as a hotel or bar. The building boasts its own sizeable chapel and a large basement area as well 3 floors some of which have contents remaining from the previous inhabitants…

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Salve Mater Psychiatric Hospital

Urbex: Salve Mater Psychiatric Hospital, Belgium – June 2014

The Partially abandoned Salve Mater Hospital was a psychiatric hospital which catered specifically for women. The complex opened in 1927 and was established by the Sisters of Mercy. The Main administration building closed in 1997. The final patients left hospital in 2007 which left the remaining buildings unoccupied…

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Alla Italia Entrance Hall

Urbex: Alla Italia, Somewhere, Belgium – June 2014

Alla Italia is an abandoned Spa resort for wealthy members of a Belgian town. The resort closed after a new larger, more modern facility opened near by. The main attraction to this place is the interesting Italian themed architecture in the entrance hall which features columns and painted ceilings in a mock Italian style…

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The Chocolate Factory - The Titanic Staircase

Urbex: Terry’s Chocolate, York, North Yorkshire – May 2014 (Revisit 2)

Welcome to the derelict Terry’s Chocolate Factory aka The Chocolate works… My 3rd trip to see the titanic staircase at this abandoned Chocolate Factory, thankfully not a lot of change at this place. The staircase is still untouched by the contractors, although I don’t expect it will be long before significant works begin here.

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Château du Cavalier - Spiral Staircase

Urbex: Château Du Cavalier, France – May 2014 (revisit)

The majestic abandoned Château Du Cavalier sits in the middle of spiralling grounds surrounded by a large wall and metal fencing at the front. There isn’t a great deal of information that I can share on this place except the fact that it has been purchased by a businessman who is hoping to renovate the place…

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Château de Singes - That Staircase

Urbex: Château de Singes aka Castle of Monkeys aka Chateau la Folie, France – May 2014 (revisit)

There is not a lot of information on the abandoned Château de Singes, however since writing my previous report from the visit in March 2014 I have been told that the owner did not vacate quite as early as the 1970’s but that he actually resided here until 2012 when he went into a nursing home…

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