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Urban Exploration 2015 – Abandoned Communist headquarters, Villas, Hospitals, Mad Houses and more…

A little montage of footage from my 2015 explores. Another year with several trips abroad visiting all sort of different locations, I’m only half way through the editing of the but some of the photos can be found here: www.urbex.wtf Thanks to everyone who visited these places with me during these trips making them as enjoyable as they were.

The Buzludzha Monument aka The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

Full report and load of photos from the visit on my website: www.urbex.wtf

The Buzludzha Monument aka The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party is a huge concrete circular structure that many say resembles an abandoned UFO. It sits derelict on top of the Buzludzha mountain slowly crumbling away as it deals with lack of maintenance and fierce winter conditions.

The Monument opened in 1981 after being built at a cost of 14 186 000 leva (around 7 000 000 €) but after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 only 8 years later the Communist Headquarters closed and began to fall into disrepair. The master builder was General Delcho Delchev who was in charge of the Stara Zagora civil engineering section. The lead architect of the project was Guéorguy Stoilov. Several famous painters and sculptors also contributed to the intricate decoration.

Above the door in bold red paint is the harrowing message: ‘Never forget your past’ while alongside it is the more satirical: ‘Enjoy Communism’, in the style of the Coca-Cola logo clearly added by graffiti artists post closure.

The building still holds a lot of significance to the communist party within Bulgaria and each year on the first Sunday in August around 30-40,000 people gather there as part of a socialist party meeting.


Urban Exploration 2014 Castles, Prisons, Ghost Ships, Theme parks and more…

Urban Exploration footage from various locations around Europe shot with mostly a Gopro Hero 3 and some footage from the Canon 6D. A big thank you to everyone involved in the making of this video! Some of the best times with some of the best people were had last year!

Urban Exploration 2014 filmed with a Gopro Hero 3 Rough Draft 

The first draft of the 2014 best of video which I lost the project files to due to a hard drive crash… uploaded as I didnt want to waste it and changed the final one a fair bit… Just a little teaser of what I’ve been up to in 2014. Various clips from footage shot throughout 2014 at different locations. I’ve had a great year exploring this year, met lots of new people and had some awesome fun exploring with friends both old and new! Thanks to all those involved in making this video! Big shout out to all my pals in SOCC www.socc.wtf for links to some of those guys!

Urbex: Ford Transit Van Factory Southampton

The now abandoned Ford Transit Van Factory near Southampton has some real history to it. The Factory was initially built as a shadow factory in 1939 near to Southampton Airport and was originally used to produce aircraft parts. In particular the factory, during World War II made components for the Supermarine Spitfire and later was used to assemble the aircraft. As a result it was bombed on several occasions by the Nazi Luftwaffe.

After the war, in 1947 the factory was purchased by Briggs Motor Bodies who supplied bodies for Ford Motor Vehicles in the UK. The firm was later bought out by Ford in 1953 who then gained control of the 60,000m2 factory. Production then concentrated upon manufacturing truck bodies to be assembled elsewhere.

1965 the first Transit Van bodies produced in Britain were built at the site and shipped to Langley, Berkshire to be added to the chassis. The Factory saw a huge £5,000,000 investment in 1972 which gave the site the ability to produce the whole Transit Van at the site and at its peak the Factory had 4,500 works employed.

Urbex: The CDC Chambre du Commerce Belgium

The CDC is a huge stock exchange complex left abandoned somewhere in Belgium. I understand plans are to convert the magnificent building into some hotel, rumour has it ownership has changed hands twice with 2 hotel firms, the recent being within the last few month. The parquet flooring from the centre has been broken up and stacked onto pallets ready for removal and there were some signs of other minor contractor works.

Visited with the 3 men and a little lady tour crew Dystopia, Baron Scotland and Lowri and what a way to kick off the second day and first morning on Belgian soil! This is probably Barons favourite place so one which was not to be missed on the tour, after this being my first visit after having the place on my to do list for quite some time, I can fully appreciate why Baron likes this place so much! We entered under cover of darkness and hid in the basement until dawn when the light was just starting to make its way into the skylights of the main trading floor as we came up the basement staircase!

We spent a good few hours inside and met a couple of local Belgian explorers as the morning went on! It was sad to say goodbye to this place so large there were plenty of rooms I still didn’t manage to cover with the camera which I only saw as I ran around trying to find Dystopia so we could make our exit ;). Revisit on the cards hopefully if renovation works don’t progress too quickly!

Whittingham Asylum Urban Exploration entry point video

Some old footage from a visit to Whittingham Asylum before the demolition works when security were actually semi alert 🙂 fun time. If you want to see inside this place: Whittingham Asylum Reports Music: Five Finger Death Punch

Abandoned Aircraft Graveyard in the UK Extended Cut Unedited Original Audio

After several requests here is the original unedited footage of the walk around the aircraft graveyard in the UK. The is an extended cut from the other video I posted of this place previously.

Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy – Urban Exploration 2014

Footage from my revisit to Castle Miranda in the summer of 2014. After my original trip here in 2012 I couldnt wait to go back, this time I had the gopro head mounted which made filming the joist walk to the twin baths and the rooftop climb a little easier. I hope you enjoy the footage…

Prison H15 Urban Exploration

Take a short tour around the abandoned Prison H15. Filmed on my second visit to this awesome huge site all filmed with the GoPro Hero 3. I could have literally spent a week exploring the massive abandoned prison the endless blocks of prison cells and bars made for some excellent photographs. Check out the full report here: Prison H15

Urban Exploration: A year with a GoPro

Just a fraction of the footage filmed throughout 2013 mostly on the GoPro Hero 3 with a little bit from the old SD video camera and some the SLR’s. I’ve had some great times exploring all over the UK and Europe this year, met some excellent people and life long friends! Really looking forward to 2014 and what that has to offer!

Urban Exploration: RIP Pyestock December 2013 – I did it Pye Way

My final trip to the old NTGE Pyestock site. Filmed in December 2013 on a GoPro Hero3. Theres not a lot left here now…

Battersea Security Guard tries to make photographers delete their photos

Security Guards at Battersea Power Station London trying to make us delete our photographs that we had taken that day. The Police thankfully knew our rights and supported us confirming that the security guards had no right to make us delete the photos.

Urbex: “Getting High on Coke!” – CMW Coke Works Wales

An explore around an abandoned Coke Plant in Wales using a Gopro Hero 3, Gopole, Head Mount and some Canon 7D footage.

Abandoned Mine Firework Display

A little fireworks display in an abandoned stone mine… In hindsight, maybe not one of our brightest ideas but it sure was fun! Enjoy the video, have fun telling me how stupid i was in the comments.

Urbex: Serenity Hospital Abandoned – An explore with a gopro 2013

Not much to tell about this place! Has to be one of my favourite explores in the UK at the moment. Been twice now but only remembered to bring the gopro for the revisit! Shout out to Lowri and Dystopia for the company on the first trip! I’ll never forget how giddy i was that first trip! And to Luckpants, Sssshhhh, Altdayout and Perjury Saint for making the second trip so awesome! Find the full report and all the photos here: Serenity Hospital

Urbex: Allied Mill – An explore around an abandoned derelict mill filmed on a GoPro 

An explore around an abandoned derelict mill filmed on a GoPro

Abandoned Aircraft Graveyard in the UK

A quick run around the abandoned aircraft graveyard in the UK with head mounted gopro hero 3. First up we have the 1962 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 C/N WA362 RAF Rescue Helicopter. The Helicopter is a Rotorcraft with 1 Bristol Siddeley Gnome H1000 Turbo Shaft Engine, It seats 11 people (or at least it did when it had seats…).  Next up we have the Avro Shackleton MR.3 Plane The Avro Shackleton was a British long-range maritime patrol aircraft for use by the Royal Air Force. It was developed by Avro from the Avro Lincoln bomber with a new fuselage. Full report and loads of photos here: Aircraft Graveyard

A quick explore around the Abandoned Severalls Asylum Hospital

GoPro footage from our explore of Severalls Asylum

Knightmare roller coaster climb rough edit!

Climbing the Knightmare roller coaster at the abandoned Camelot theme park.  A quick rough cut together edit until I get time to sort out the full visit video and photos etc! Before you start hating saying I seen higher etc please bear in mind I’m pretty scared of heights and I was chuffed to bits that I managed it 😀 Theme Parks make the best explores 😀

George Barnsley & Sons Cornish Works Sheffield

A little bit of GoPro footage from our explore around George Barnsley and Sons Cornish Works in Sheffield.

Urbex: Sheffield Crown Court… The Bang…

During our exploration of the crown courts in Sheffield this happened… There were 3 other members of our group who were all downstairs in the cell blocks so we have no doubt that it was none of them who made the noise. We continued to explore for a good hour or so after this and came across no-one. The noise stopped shortly after the video. To this date we have no idea who or what made the noise but you can clearly hear 2 loud bangs followed by some running / footsteps.

A little run around at the National Gas Turbine Establishment Pyestock

A bit of GoPro footage from 2 visits to Pyestock in 2013. Both visits were a right laugh thanks The Mule for coming on both trips, to Mr Bones for showing us around the first time and Si for tagging along on the return visit. Nice bumping into some friends Chris, Chris, Laura and Darbian.

Urbex: Rossendale General Hospital

Rossendale General Hospital – A walk around with friends

Urbex: A little walk around Morgue P Room for 50+ bodies

A little walk around a certain Morgue P down south in the UK. Filming by Sam ‘The Mule’ Photos by Proj3ct M4yh3m.

More coming soon…

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