The Latvian Consulate

Urbex: Latvian Consulate Building / Stables, United Kingdom – February 2014 (Revisit)

The abandoned Latvian Consulate is an abandoned luxury farm and stables property valued at approximately £1,000,000. Sadly the building has been subject to a lot of vandalism and damage. Most of the windows are smashed doors are broken and fixtures and fittings ripped from their place.

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Pitchfork Abbey aka The Sweat Shop

Urbex: Pitchfork Abbey aka The Sweat Shop, Somewhere, United Kingdom – February 2014

An abandoned convent somewhere in the United Kingdom. After receiving a tip off from a good friend that this place was once again open we made it priority number one to visit. After making our way in very early and passing time in the main chapel while the sun started to give us enough light to work with, we began to shoot for what was probably less than an hour before we were interrupted…

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Prison H15 Cell Block

Urbex: Prison H15, France – January 2014 (revisit) Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of my first revisit to the abandoned Prison H15 in France. Highlights of this trip were definitely covering the parts I missed on the first visit, the rooftops, the well hidden green wing and getting up the guard tower for the cool external shot below 🙂 enjoy the rest of the photos 🙂

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Asylum G Scotland The Ballroom

Urbex: Glasgow District Asylum aka Gartloch Hospital aka Asylum G, Scotland – January 2014

Glasgow District Asylum aka Gartloch Hospital began construction in 1989 and is located on Gartloch road in near the village of Gartcosh. The Asylum finally opened its doors in 1986 and after exactly 100 years serving various patients the Hospital finally closed in 1996…

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Another Orphanage The Staircase

Urbex: Another Orphanage, Somewhere – December 2013 (Revisit)

History Built in the early 1800’s this beautiful building was for the majority of its occupied life an orphanage particularly catering to the children of actors. Th property was later utilised as a nursing school before closing in the 1990’s . Plans were submitted to establish a home for various types of criminal offenders during…

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Morgue P Slab

Urbex: Morgue P, Down South, United Kingdom – December 2013 (revisit)

History Part of a live Hospital complex this abandoned morgue is a small little building but it has the capacity for 56 bodies! Morgue P also has 3 metal slabs, although one appears to have lost its horizontal part. Natural decay is really taking its tolls here now and the place was much more run…

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CMH Corridor

Urbex: CMH The Military Hospital, LMM Annex, United Kingdom – December 2013 (revisit 2)

History There is a little more history on my first report from CHM in February 2013. Briefly the Main CMH hospital building was built in 1879 and featured heavily during the first world war in dealing with front line casualties. The hospital is also famous for being the place where plastic surgery was first performed in…

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