Denbigh Asylum aka The North Wales Hospital

Urbex: Denbigh Lunatic Asylum aka North Wales Hospital, Denbighshire, Wales – March 2014 (Revisit 3)

The abandoned Denbigh Asylum aka The North Wales Hospital was completed and opened in 1848 to accommodate the Welsh paupers who were reportedly receiving poor treatment in comparably English Lunatic Asylums. Electro-Convulsive Treatment (ECT) and Pre-frontal leucotomy operations aka Lobotomy operations were performed here.

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Globe Mill Huddersfield

Urbex: Globe Mill, Huddersfield – February 2014

Globe Mill is an old abandoned textile mill located in a small village near Huddersfield. The old stone building is very well built and surprisingly suffering little decay. There are plans which are undergoing review for a complete refurbishment of the site introducing accommodation, doctors, shops and a planned supermarket.

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The Ark Synagogue

Urbex: Greenbank Synagogue aka The Ark, Liverpool, United Kingdom – February 2014 Part 1 of 2

An abandoned grade 2 listed Greenbank Synagogue in Liverpool which was built in 1936/1937 and then closed in 2008 when it was given grade 2 listed status. The building is falling into a state of disrepair but was still full of all sorts of contents to photograph…

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Camelot Theme Park The Knightmare

Urbex: Camelot Theme Park, Chorley, Lancashire, United Kingdom – February 2014 (Revisit)

Briefly the Camelot Theme Park opened some 30 years ago in 1983 and continued to operate seasonally until 2012 which was to be the Theme parks last year before finally closing its doors. The park has since lay abandoned while the majority of the ride are sold off to other amusement parks. Two of the remaining highlights are the Knightmare and Dragon Flyer roller-coasters…

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The Latvian Consulate

Urbex: Latvian Consulate Building / Stables, United Kingdom – February 2014 (Revisit)

The abandoned Latvian Consulate is an abandoned luxury farm and stables property valued at approximately £1,000,000. Sadly the building has been subject to a lot of vandalism and damage. Most of the windows are smashed doors are broken and fixtures and fittings ripped from their place.

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Pitchfork Abbey aka The Sweat Shop

Urbex: Pitchfork Abbey aka The Sweat Shop, Somewhere, United Kingdom – February 2014

An abandoned convent somewhere in the United Kingdom. After receiving a tip off from a good friend that this place was once again open we made it priority number one to visit. After making our way in very early and passing time in the main chapel while the sun started to give us enough light to work with, we began to shoot for what was probably less than an hour before we were interrupted…

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Asylum G Scotland The Ballroom

Urbex: Glasgow District Asylum aka Gartloch Hospital aka Asylum G, Scotland – January 2014

Glasgow District Asylum aka Gartloch Hospital began construction in 1989 and is located on Gartloch road in near the village of Gartcosh. The Asylum finally opened its doors in 1986 and after exactly 100 years serving various patients the Hospital finally closed in 1996…

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