Newsham Park Hospital

Newsham Park Hospital is a Grade II listed building which is abandoned in Liverpool. The Building was originally The Liverpool Seamen’s Orphan Institution which was constructed to support and educate the children of British Seamen. The foundation stone of this building was laid on 11 September 1871 and the construction was completed at a cost of £25,000.00 in January 1874. The institution formally opened on 30 September 1874. Following the war years which saw the evacuation of the orphanage, there were changes in the Law which prevented children under 11 years of age being taught at the same school as older children. This new law coupled with financial problems which the orphanage was suffering lead to its closure in July 1949 and the site was ultimately sold to the National Health Service in 1951 for the sum of £125,000.00. After development works at the former orphanage, the Hospital finally opened its doors in 1954.

The Hospital ceased taking new patients in 1988 and by 1992 all the patients had been relocated. The Hospital was used again temporarily between 1992 and 1996 when Rainhill Lunatic Asylum closed its doors and the remaining inmates were relocated to Newsham Park Hospital. In 1997 the Hospital closed its doors for the final time and the site became disused.

The same year the site closed it was bought by a property developer who plans to turn the building into an events venue. No progress has been made to date and the building continues to sit empty only being occasionally used for ghost tours and the occasional open day.

We, fortunately, got the opportunity to take a look inside early one morning, enjoy the photos:

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