Maison Vinyl

Urbex: Maison Vinyl, Belgium – March 2017

The abandoned Maison Vinyl, is a small derelict house in a little village in Belgium. Scattered with children’s toys and a room in which vinyl records are attached to the walls, this house is pretty photogenic given its size. Downstairs the rooms are too cluttered with furniture and too dimly lit to photograph properly and there has been a partial collapse in on of the rooms giving way to a basement area. Far past being restorable, this little house will continue to crumble away…

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Back to the Drawing Boards

Urbex: Back to the Drawing Boards, Belgium – March 2017

I don’t know very much about the history of this place, clearly whatever this industrial complex used to be it involved a lot of schematics and drawings based on what was left behind. The site clearly had a much larger footprint but most of the other buildings had been demolished and only a couple of admin buildings remained. This one, being the better of the bunch, housed all the old drawing boards and plans along with various offices…

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Chateau Pink Panther

Urbex: Château Pink Panther, Belgium – March 2017

Château Pink Panther, as this place became known, was a fair-sized Château which had undergone some modernisation but also retained some of the original features. Located in an affluent area, this castle suffered a fire and was left abandoned for several years before being purchased and renovated by new owners…

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Villa Heil - Staircase

Urbex: Villa Heil, Belgium – March 2017

This might be the last report from the abandoned Villa Heil… This quite large attractive detached house in Belgium was demolished just days after these photos were taken. In fact, during our visit when shooting the basement rooms just before we were planning to leave someone came into the building walking around the ground floor…

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The Butchers House

Urbex: The Butchers House, Belgium – March 2017

The abandoned Butchers House in Belgium turned out to be one of the more interesting residential explores that I have done to date. I suppose not an uncommon occurrence, this house also functioned as a butchers shop with the customer-facing area being located next to the main road and the residential areas to the side and rear of the building…

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Pleasure Island Cleethorpes

Urbex: Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes – December 2016

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park originally opened on 27th May 1993 on the site of the former Cleethorpes Zoo. During its construction in the 1980’s the original owners of the site went into receivership and the theme park which was still under construction was purchased by Robert Gibb the managing director of Flamingo Land. In 2010 one of the daughters of Robert Gibb who had taken responsibility of managing Pleasure Island took control of the site under the name Dewarsavile Enterprises Ltd. The Theme Park closed permanently at the end of the 2016 season with the majority of the rides being put up for auction…

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Mid Wales Hospital Talgarth

Urbex: Mid Wales Hospital,Talgarth, Wales – December 2016 (Revisit 1)

This large Asylum was built in around 1903 and functioned as both a Lunatic Asylum and a general hospital as well as being appropriated for military use during the 2nd World War. The last ward at the hospital closed in 1999 and the property has deteriorated rapidly every since…

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St Cadoc's Mental Hospital - Main Hall

Urbex: St Cadocs Mental Hospital, Wales – December 2016

Saint Cadoc’s Hospital (Welsh: Ysbyty Sant Cadog) first opened in 1906 as the Newport Borough Asylum, and was built to accommodate up to 350 patients. Extensive outbuildings were later added on the site, but since 2005 the number of residents has been very small with the growing emphasis on care in the community…

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HM Prison Shrewsbury aka The Dana - Cell Block

Permission Visit: HM Prison Shrewsbury aka The Dana, Shewsbury, Shropeshire – November 2016

The History of HM Prison Shrewsbury aka The Dana
Constructed in 1793 by Thomas Telford, the original HM Prison Shrewsbury aka The Dana was famous for being a prison of executions. Prior to changes in the Law, the Catagory B/C prison saw numerous executions by hanging which drew large crowds from the location population. The site was rebuilt in 1877 in its current form.

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A Welsh Chapel

Urbex: A Welsh Chapel, Wales – November 2016

Lowri and I explored this abandoned chapel in Wales towards the end of 2016. Disused for a long time, the chapel itself was free from vandalism and graffiti and only natural decay could be found inside.  The turquoise painted plaster ceilings were a joy to shoot along with the stained wood of the pews and altar area. The organ was in great condition considering the weather damage to the building and the light was perfect when we visited.

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St Josephs RC Church

Urbex: St Josephs RC Church, Wigan – October 2016

History of St Joseph’s RC Church The Church was completed in April 1872. In 1874 the site saw the addition of a school building thanks to support from the parishioners. The building was soon replaced with the one which stands today in 1978 when the old construction was found to be too small to accommodate…

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Abbey Mills Pumping Station

Permission Visit: Abbey Mills Pumping Station, London – September 2016

Abbey Mills Pumping Station, in Stratford, East London, is a sewage pumping station, designed by engineer Joseph Bazalgette, Edmund Cooper, and architect Charles Driver. It was built between 1865 and 1868, housing eight beam engines by Rothwell & Co. of Bolton. Two engines on each arm of a cruciform plan, with an elaborate Byzantine style, described as The Cathedral of Sewage…

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London Rooftops

Urbex: A London rooftop at night, London – September 2016

Another night in London and another rooftop explored. This construction site was the development of a new skyscraper which will likely accommodate businesses or expensive apartments. The views as always were stunning allowing for a few shots of the London Eye and the Shard among the rest of the busy city…

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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Urbex: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool – September 2016 (Revisit)

The abandoned Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool was originally intended to be a workhouse the for insane. Despite being the original intent of the site when the land was purchased by the Board of Poor Law Guardians, plans changed and the Hospital first opened its doors in 1914 as a military hospital during the First World War. The Hospital finally closed it’s doors in 2015…

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Sunnyside Hospital aka Sunnyside Lunatic Asylum

Urbex: Sunnyside Hospital aka Sunnyside Lunatic Asylum, Montrose, Scotland – August 2016

Originally built in 1781 the now derelict Sunnyside Lunatic Asylum is located in the town of Montrose, Scotland. The original building was later replaced in 1858 by the much larger buildings that was later repurposed as the hospital outgrew its size limitations…

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