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16 Old Pianos rotting away in abandoned buildings

During my trips to all these abandoned buildings I have come across more than a handful of Pianos and Organs, I’m guilty of not keeping great track of them all but here is a selection of some of the more memorable ones that I have photographed in various conditions of decay…


10 Rooftops, Skylines and Cranes

As well crawling around abandoned buildings I occasionally like to get up high and venture out onto some rooftops and cranes. Now let me be straight with you, I’m not the most confident person with heights and you certainly won’t catch me dangling from no ridiculously high buildings by my fingertips! My balls just simply aren’t that big! But I do enjoy getting a shot or 2 from higher up and thankfully I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few nice spots over the last few years so I thought I’d put some of my favourites together in a single post…


12 Amazingly Creepy Abandoned Morgues

Abandoned and derelict morgues and mortuaries are always really interesting places to photograph! One of my favourite places to photograph are Hospitals and old Asylums and so I have stumbled upon a couple in the few years I have been exploring. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes these rooms, which were built for the purpose of carving up and storing dead bodies, so morbidly intriguing but I still get a little excited when I enter a new morgue that I haven’t seen before…


5 Amazing Empty European Castles

Are you a fan of the abandoned, the derelict, the empty buildings that we pass without noticing every day? Then check out these 5 Amazing abandoned castles in Europe! Full of interesting architectural features and belongs which give clues to their previous histories these buildings are like time capsules with their structures and contents rotting away…

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