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Mighty Mélissa LeBlanc says:

I’m an explorer from Sherbrooke Quebec (French Canada) and though I doubt I’ll ever find sites like in the U.K (Canada is not that old of a country) I’ve had my share of creepy explorations… it made me discover that I was somewhat a medium (perhaps everyone is, I think…) by exploring a spooky three floors abandoned house in a back street… I went there two or three times and every time ended up leaving because I could not stomach the ”vibe” and while there kept having the thought of a dead baby – I almost called the police so they’d look for it but then I blamed whatever drug I was on for these morbid flashes and the fact that some punk had decorated the walls with red spray paint… One year later I ended up living in an appartment located in the street right next to this house and beleive it or not, some old rock and roller I know came to visit me, pointed the house in the back and told me that it was the house he grew up in along with 13 brothers and sister and that they would have been 15 of them but the last brother died in infancy ”He was sick and was eaten by the rats”. OMG. It’s true that back then the clergy had banned the use of contraceptive and some mothers where really exausted and overwelmed from the number of their kids and stuff like that would happen, still, it’s a sad story.

Michelle says:

Hello-I was wondering if you’ve ever been injured at any of your locations by falling thru floors, etc? Also, what is the strangest thing that you’ve seen? Have you ever experienced anything creepy like possible ghost sightings? I admire what you do and appreciate you sharing your work with us!


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your comment! I havent dont too bad thankfully for injuries, a couple of scrapes and bruises. Ive kinda fallen through a metal floor… well one of my legs went through thankfully the other leg was on more stable metal. Strange things… some weird little clay figures were quite bizzare at a place called bramham house in leeds if you search the site i have a report on here… also a place named the bucket house had a sad storey to it i found that quite strange and unnerving. Thankfully for me I am a none believer in ghosts and the paranormal. I’m open minded but to date I haven’t found anything that makes me convinced… a few not completely explainable noises but thats about it 🙂

All the best… and stay tuned there is plenty more to come…