St Josephs Orphanage - Wheelchairs

Urbex: St Josephs Orphanage, Preston, Lancashire – May 2013 Part 1

History Established in 1872 by R.W. Hughes for Patron Mrs Maria Holland the St Joseph’s Orphanage in Preston is a red brick complex with a welsh slate roof. Once inside I was initially a little disappointed but things soon picked up with the discovery of the Wheelchairs and theatres 🙂 …

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Serenity Hospital - The Spiral Staircase

Urbex: The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital, Gosport – May 2013 Part 1

The Royal Hospital Haslar was founded in 1753 and was designed and built by Theodore Jacobsen between 1946-1961. When it was constructed it was both the largest hospital and brick built building in England. Britain’s first Naval Hospital which span a huge area on the coastline of Gosport is also the site of a massive unmarked grave site with an estimated 7,785 buried sailors…

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1962 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 C/N WA362 Helicopter

Urbex: Aircraft Graveyard, United Kingdom – May 2013

Latest report is from an abandoned aircraft graveyard somewhere in the united kingdom. There used to be a fair few more planes at this place but they have unfortunately been moved or sold for scrap. Remaining were 3 Planes and 1 Helicopter including a 1962 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 C/N WA362 and a Avro Shackleton MR.3 which was pretty impressive both internally and externally. We were blessed with rather perfect weather for such an explore and I can safely say it was a successful end to a cracking weekend explore with Dystopia and Lowri.

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Urbex: Severalls Lunatic Asylum, Colchester – April 2013 (revisit) Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the revisit to Severalls Asylum / Hospital Part 1 along with all the History etc can be found here. For Part 2 of the Severalls Hospital visit click here. Our Visit My Second visit to Severalls aka Sev’s this time accompanied by Sam ‘The Mule’, Pete Costello, Altdayout & Sssshhhh. Last time we…

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Urbex: Severalls Lunatic Asylum, Colchester – April 2013 (revisit) Part 2

  Time for Part 2 of the revisit to Severalls Asylum / Hospital Part 1 along with all the History etc can be found here. Our Visit My Second visit to Severalls aka Sev’s this time accompanied by Sam ‘The Mule’, Pete Costello, Altdayout & Sssshhhh. Last time we came here I think we managed about an…

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Severalls Lunatic Asylum - The Corridors

Urbex: Severalls Lunatic Asylum, Colchester – April 2013 (revisit) Part 1

  This is the first part of 3 reports on this visit to Severalls. Lots of photos were taken 🙂 Part 2 and 3 will follow shortly, stay tuned and enjoy… History of Severalls Lunatic Asylum Severalls Lunatic Asylum aka The Second Essex County Asylum aka Severalls Hospital located in  Colchester, Essex was a psychiatric hospital…

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Allied Flour Mill Burscough

Urbex: Allied Flour Mill aka Ainscough Mill, Burscough, Lancashire – March 2013

History I haven’t been able to find a great deal of history on this place. Originally owned by H & R Ainscough the mill was acquired by Allied and the closure of the factory was announced in 1995 along with a plan to close 2 other mills and refurbish / modernise another 12 existing Mills around the country. The…

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Holdinings Country Pottery - :)

Urbex: Holdings Country Pottery, Lancashire – March 2013

First a little History Holdings Country Pottery was founded circa 1898 on a large clay deposit in Lancashire. It used its own clay, which was dug, blended, washed and processed before being made into passes for the potters wheel. Since the start of the century until its closure little changed in the process and the factory opened its doors…

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Rossendale General Hospital - Wheel Chair

Urbex: Rossendale General Hospital, Rossendale, Lancashire – March 2013 (revisit)

First a little Gopro footage from the first trip around the old part of Rossendale from the blog post I did in January 2013: I will probably get around to publishing another video with the GoPro footage from the 2 revisits. A little history on the abandoned Rossendale Hospital… Rossendale hospital started out as a work house for…

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George Barnsley & Sons Ltd

Urbex: George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works, Sheffield, South Yorkshire – March 2013 (revisit)

My second visit to this place, this time in the company of Pete Costello, Lowri, Sonyes and Darbian (Mule Slept in on this occasion  Lazy bugger!). For history and more photos from the initial visit in October visit the original visit report. Briefly George Barnsley’s began manufacturing files before becoming one of the worlds leading manufacturers of tools for…

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Sheffield Crown Court - Skylights

Urbex: Sheffield Crown Court, South Yorkshire – March 2013 (revisit)

Sheffield Crown Courts. Another revisit explore of this awesome abandoned court complex complete with cells unusual layout of floors containing various courtrooms and judges chambers as well as press rooms and various service tunnels. For the photos from our first visit back in November and more information on this history please check out my original report here.…

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Clipstone Colliery - Head Stacks

Urbex: Clipstone Colliery, Nottinghamshire – March 2013 (revisit)

History can be found in my first visit post from February 2013. Briefly the colliery closed in April 2003 and has stood derelict ever since. After being looted by metal thieves the site is facing demolition. 2nd Time at Clipstone in as many weeks and this time I thought I’d try something a little different. I pushed…

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Mansfield General Hospital - Ward 6

Urbex: Mansfield General Hospital, Mansfield – March 2013 (revisit 2)

I’d not long since done Mansfield but a friend was visiting from Spain filming for an upcoming documentary about Urban Exploration and had this place on his to do list so another opportunity to mooch around and snap a few more shots. Visited with Urbex Leone, Lowri, Stussy and Scattergun…

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National Gas Turbine Establishment Pyestock Cell 1

Urbex: National Gas Turbine Establishment aka NGTE Pyestock, Fleet – March 2013 (revisit)

Revisit time at Pyestock all the history I could muster up can be found in my first post from January 2013 along with the photos from that trip. Briefly NGTE Pyestock was a Gas Turbine testing centre for all sorts of large engines. The air house housed 8 x 36,000 bhp engines which helped pump air around the site for testing the engines themselves. The site was mainly used for commercial testing however it was utilised by the military for the testing of jet fighter engines and Navy ship engines…

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Clipstone Colliery - Spiral Staircase

Urbex: Clipstone Colliery, Nottinghamshire – February 2013

The Wiki History Clipstone Colliery is a coal mine situated near the village of the same name on the edge of an area of Nottinghamshire known as “The Dukeries” because of the number of stately homes in the area. The colliery was owned by the Bolsover Colliery Company and passed to the National Coal Board…

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Mansfield General Hospital - Daybreak in the Morgue

Urbex: Mansfield General, Mansfield – February 2013 (revisit)

This one was a revisit and there isn’t a lot to add history or update wise so for that sort of stuff check out the post from my first visit in October 2012 here. Briefly Mansfield General Hospital was originally built in 1889 and was finally demolished over a 6 month period in 20013/20014 after being left abandoned for over 20 years…

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Allinson Mill aka Castleford Stone ground Flour

Urbex: Allinson Mill aka Castleford Stoneground Flour – West Yorkshire – February 2013

A little wiki history Dr Thomas Allinson was born in the Hulme district of Manchester in 1858. He trained as a medical doctor in Edinburgh, graduating in 1879. He founded the first Allinson mill in 1892 in Bethnal Green as Dr Allinson’s Natural Food Company. It was the first to produce wholemeal/wholegrain flour. His slogan was Health without Medicine. Allinson was viewed as an eccentric because of…

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