Château de la Forêt

Home from a European tour for only 24 hours and I was back on the road again… back to Belgium in fact… after receiving a few messages whilst on route home I was told to re-pack immediately as we were going back for some more FORET! Not one to turn this place down I said yes immediately and after a quick shower, I repacked grabbed some sleep and was off… Drove down there with Baron Scotland, Lowri and Diane and met up with a few European friends when we got there, lot of fun was had!

First off we had passport problems, a little blonde member of the crew had managed to forget her passport so slight detour and we found ourselves in stand still traffic losing all the excess time Baron had thankfully built into his plan… when we were just a couple of hours from the channel tunnel we found out there had been not one but two breakdowns in both sides of the tunnel causing chaos, people were being turned away, masses of traffic, everything you could imagine appeared to be going wrong… Somehow we managed to battle through the traffic arriving at the terminal later than our scheduled check in but still with enough time! Then we saw the huge amount of cars everywhere and the tickets had gone round the alphabet which we calculated to be a good 8-12 hour delay! we were doomed! Baron asked an official looking bloke what was going on, he said “its gone crazy mate we’re just sending anyone and everyone to the trains go now you might make the next one!” and guess what we did! through the tunnel and not too far from our destination we parked up for a quick 1 hour power nap and then headed to meet our European pals.

Saw a few places I missed last time, such as the awesome wine cellar and a yellow coloured room off from the green bedrooms, I tried to vary the shots up from last time but I apologise if there are some similar shots to the last report… This place is just magnificent, certainly one of the best places I have had the pleasure of shooting! the colours, architecture, furnishings are all so photogenic! Enjoy the photos from this trip and don’t forget to check out the photos from the first trip if you missed those (Links below):

First a little video walk around…

Enjoyed the second trip just as much as the first, cracking company and the multiple cans of stella at 8am were a great way to start the day 😀

Château de la Forêt First visit April 2014

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