The Little Miracles

Ok something verging on the controversial… I toyed with the idea of not posting these but after some consideration, I felt that given the history surrounding them and from feedback from those who were aware of them that the photos should see the light of day. The so called “Little Miracles” are a collection of deceased babies stored presumably in formaldehyde, they were supposedly donated for medical research and further examination. Whilst the majority appeared to be normal in appearance there were a handful which featured deformities and most were scarred with incision marks where they had received autopsies.  I appreciate that some may find these images disturbing but please bear in mind that these unfortunate young souls who never had the opportunity to have a life of their own, through the research upon their bodies, they undoubtedly helped save countless other lives.

Presumably due to advances in technology and training methods these specimens were no longer required for regular use and ended up being stored in a dark corner of a partly disused building gathering dust. I’m reliably informed that after receiving a little too much attention the little miracles have been moved to another location and remain safe and secure. I’m sure some may have considered some more sinister back story for these unfortunate children but this to my knowledge is the accurate story. May they continue to rest in peace! Visited with Andy of BCD Urbex, Matt and Scott of Darbians, I won’t say enjoy… perhaps ponder the pictures below…


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