Aston Hall - Hydro Pool


The hospital was opened in the 1930s. Each of the villas housed up to 50 patients but as the years passed the number gradually declined, especially with the advent of “Care In The Community”.
The site has a existing building footprint of 55,576 sq ft complete with its hydrotherapy pool, sensory room and hall. built as part of a £4m revamp in 1994. The pool is the only one of its kind in Southern Derbyshire. It has hoists to help lower people into the temperature-controlled water, and is ideal for keeping severely disabled people’s limbs supple.
Aston Hall has a long history dating back to the early 1600s and was used as a auxiliary hospital in the first World War. The property was sold to Nottingham Corporation in 1924 and has served the community as a specialist hospital for many years.
Plans to close Aston Hall Hospital, in Aston on Trent, which cared for people with learning disabilities, were announced in 1998 amid fierce opposition from locals who wanted a village community to care for the 58 patients already on the site.
As far as I can tell the site closed sometime in 2006 and has since become target somewhat by local youths and people stealing scrap metals. It was disappointing to see even most of the lampposts had even been cut down and sold for scrap.
Anyway on with the pictures…


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Crazy John says:

The “Unknown” object in photo 8 is rectifier. (Used for changing ac to dc current) They had mercury in them and ran quite hot, hence the cooling fan underneath. The dc output from them was used to power high current equipment.


Wow thanks Crazy John you have settled my mind on that one 🙂 I assumed it was something electrical based. I think I recall this being under the stage in the main hall… might explain it since I suspect that would have been a high source of energy consumption.

Cheers PM

Sarah Watt says:

Hiya, I am really really wanting to get to Aston tomorrow to get some photo’s for my photography coursework. I was wondering if you could give me any directions at all cause I’m struggling. Thank you

Steve says:

Thank you. The photo’s haven’t offended – more people should come forward and let the authorities know what happened to them. I also had the narco analysis – though didn’t realise what it was called till recently. Some very cruel and evil people worked at Aston Hall Hospital. Thankfully I grew out of the epilepsy and have been able to move on with my life. But I’ll never forget.

Steve says:

What Trevor says is true, I was a patient there for almost 4 years – 1965 – 1968. I was in there because I had epilepsy – now reading my medical records the drugs they gave me were way over what they should have been, and the staff were abusive, even to the point of kicking my teeth out. Horrendous place and sheer hell. Treated like a lunatic because I had fits!


I’m really sorry to hear this, it sounds awful. I had no idea before being contacted by you both that such things had taken place. Its starting to sound like it was common practice as well which is even worse. I hope the photos haven’t offended. All the best


trevor bell says:

i was a patient there back in the ;ate 60s.3yrs of abuse and pure hell.was given a treatment call narco analysis,was only supposed to have accasoinaly i was give it 4 times in one week,you may say a bit heavy for a orphaned 15 yr old,my only crime for being there was i did not want to be in the boys homes,so i kept running away,then finaly they put me into ashton hall,the abuse kept going…..


Hi trevor I am so sorry to hear about your treatment that sounds awful

Pat shannon says:

Me to Trevor I would love to see my records from the time I was incarcerated in this hell hole