Dewsbury Pioneer House - Tiled Stairwell

History of Pioneer House

Pioneer House is a Victorian Grade II listed building sited on Halifax Road in the centre of Dewsbury. It was designed by the Architects Henry Holtom and George Fox and was built in 1872 for the Dewsbury Co-op society and later known as Dewsbury Pioneers’ Industrial Society. Henry Holtom, who arrived in Dewsbury in his 20’s, became a town councillor in 1871 and later became Mayor of Dewsbury in 1883. Holtom and Fox designed many buildings including schools, churches and also designed the town hall! The building functioned as a cinema, a theatre will a large hall and several shops were located on the ground floor. A restaurant and a bank also once leased parts of the building.

Currently, the building is left stripped out awaiting redevelopment. Local Businessman Robert Stayton is currently involved in a legal battle with Kirklees council over a proposed £14-million redevelopment plan which would see the building utilised as high-end flats and shop premises below. The Council have other ideas and would like to take over the building as part of their own regeneration plans.

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