Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy - View of Castle of Vêves from an upper window

Please check out Part 1 of this report here. <– History and some other photos

Now on with the rest of the pictures from this visit:

**Part 1 Can be found here.**

Also I revisited this castle in May 2014 check out the revisit report here: Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy May 2014

Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy

Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy

Also my video from my 2014 trip:


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Isabel Pérez Valdez says:

I can’t stop looking the pics, i cant believe the beauty of the place!!! i felt in love i swear!!!!


I was the same the first time I saw the place it was instantly the top of my to do list where it remained for 4 years! finally got around to it at the end of 2012 🙂

All the best PM

J says:

hello, me and my friends wanted to visit the place, but herd it is not possible anymore. Did you encounter any problems with some guards or stg ? Is it possible to go there and walk around the place without any problems? Would appreciate if you help, thanks in advance, J


Hi J,

If you read the first part of the post: You’ll find that we were shot at by the grounds keeper and he wasnt even aware that we had been inside. Unfortunately the castle is still privately owned despite government attempts to purchase it I believe with the intentions of restoring it but alas the owner is not prepared to sell so its just going down hill. Unfortunately I am not aware of any way to even walk around the grounds with permission. Its such a shame as its a beautiful building I’d quite haippy spend several visits just taking external photos :).

Best of luck if you do go and please let me know how you get on 🙂

Proj3ct M4yh3m

Laurie Pease says:

These pics are amazing! I would dearly love floor plans for this chateau. Is it possible to get these anywhere?
I also would love to see more. Thank you for sharing


Hi Laurie,

Thanks for your comment, I cant say ive come across any floor plans of the place in my research, I did stumble across some old photos from when the place was open and functioning as a school they were interesting. I’d love to go back and see a bit more of the place perhaps get some video footage but the grounds keeper is becoming more hostile as time goes on apparently :/

All the best