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Briefly the abandoned Ushaw College, a former Catholic seminary was founded in 1808 by scholars from English College, Douai, who had fled France after that college had been closed during the French Revolution. Ushaw College had been affiliated with the University of Durham since 1968. The College became a Licensed Hall of Residence of the University of Durham in 1968. It was independent of the University but offered courses validated by the University, and both Church and lay students studied at the college. The Junior House closed in 1972, its younger students being transferred to St Joseph’s College, Upholland in Lancashire. Ushaw was the principal Roman Catholic seminary in the north of England for the training of Catholic priests; finally closing in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations.

Our Visit

Visited this time with AndyK and Dystopia for a return trip to the Sister Seminary. Things have gone down hill a little bit here but not by much, the roof appears to be letting in more water after the stormy winter and works on the chapel do not appear to have progressed at all short of them boarding up the windows and messing up the place… Just a few snaps this time as we were loosing light, none of the Chapel as I left Andy and Si to cover that bit while I wondered off… Enjoy the photos and check out the report from the first visit for loads more photos and to see hows its changed.

Don’t forget to check out the report and loads more photos from the first visit to Ushaw Seminary in November 2013

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