Château Du Cavalier

There is very little history to be found on this abandoned Château codenamed Château Du Cavalier by other explorers. All I could seem to find out is that the property had been most recently purchased by a Chinese investor who apparently has intentions to refurbish the place back into a home or potentially a hotel. There did appear to be some signs of more recent renovation works in one of the ground floor bathrooms which looked far more modern than the rest of the fixtures. Its hard to tell if these works were from the new owner or not but what we did notice is that the majority of the contents have now been cleared including the photogenic red sofa which previously resided in the main entrance hall. Even without the contents left behind this place had tons of appeal.

Visited with Donna for another location on our first European tour together, thankfully this tour was full of win and this Château was no exception. Highlights had to be the Green room featured below and the spiral staircase which was located at the far end of the building. I also had my first opportunity to try some model photography here as Donna kindly offered to model for a few shots while we took advantage of the gorgeous natural light, very happy with the results and I’m looking forward to working with Donna on more model shoots in the future!

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