Château Lumiere


The abandoned Château Lumière, not much info on this place at the moment… Built by a descendant of a wealthy tobacco tycoon the Neo-Baroque style building was erected in the early 1900’s. The property apparently benefits from some historical protections from the government,  it has however remained abandoned since the 1950’s and despite several changes in hands no-one has returned to occupy the place.

Our Visit

Visited with Donna, this was the last stop on the trip, we’d both been eager to see this one and had been down there to scope out the place and best route into the grounds the night before… An early start and we were in under the cover of darkness… We had the pleasure of watching the place illuminate as the morning light started to rise. This place is pretty breath taking! the skylight really brightens the whole building up inside and even with most of the shutters closed it was still light enough to shoot some nice images. As well as the obvious skylight main hall the bathrooms were rather impressive, as were some of the wooden features in the main lounge… After snapping what I wanted of the building we finished of the morning with a few model shots in a couple of the nicely lit rooms. Thankfully by this time it was light enough to shoot without any artificial fill flash and I was really happy with the results. Thanks to Donna for posing for the shots. Enjoy the photos.

And that is the last report from the Beauty and The Beast European Tour! hope you’ve enjoyed them, plenty more locations to come 🙂

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