Pleasure Island Cleethorpes

The History of Pleasure Island Cleethorpes

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park originally opened on 27th May 1993 on the site of the former Cleethorpes Zoo. During its construction in the 1980’s the original owners of the site went into receivership and the theme park which was still under construction was purchased by Robert Gibb the managing director of Flamingo Land. In 2010 one of the daughters of Robert Gibb who had taken responsibility of managing Pleasure Island took control of the site under the name Dewarsavile Enterprises Ltd. The Theme Park closed permanently at the end of the 2016 season with the majority of the rides being put up for auction. The park sat abandoned for a few months however some animals remained on the site and were well looked after prior to them being rehomed.

Our Visits

Visited twice over two weekends with Pete, Donna, Lowri, Katy and David. I’m glad i got to see this one before the majority of the rides were sold off, the highlight having to be climbing the boomerang on the second trip 🙂 … Visited both times at dawn, enjoy the photos:

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