St Cadoc's Mental Hospital - Main Hall

The History of St Cadocs Hospital

Saint Cadoc’s Hospital (Welsh: Ysbyty Sant Cadog) is located in Caerleon on the northern outskirts of the city of Newport. The building was designed by Alfred J. Wood FRIBA, London and named after Saint Cadoc. The hospital first opened in 1906 as the Newport Borough Asylum, and was built to accommodate up to 350 patients. Extensive outbuildings were later added on the site, but since 2005 the number of residents has been very small with the growing emphasis on care in the community. Parts of the site became disused and have fallen into seriour disrepair and this situation is only likely to worsen over time.

Our Visit

Visited early one morning to have a look at the abandoned parts of this complex. To our surprise, the site was much busier than we expected with more of the place being in use than we had thought! Still, we managed to cover a lot of what we were looking for including the main hall and we had the bonus luck of discovering the old operating bed. Enjoy the photos:


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