Mid Wales Hospital Talgarth

The History of the Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

A more full and detailed History of the old Talgarth Asylum can be found in my previous article here: MID WALES HOSPITAL,TALGARTH, WALES – JUNE 2014, briefly and to summarise, this large Asylum was built in around 1903 and functioned as both a Lunatic Asylum and a general hospital as well as being appropriated for military use during the 2nd World War. The last ward at the hospital closed in 1999 and the property has deteriorated rapidly every since…

Our Visit

Visited with Lowri for another look around this decaying Asylum. I had wanted to take another look around this place to see if much had changed since my last trip 2 years ago. Given that we were in the area, we thought we would stop off and check the place out. Unsurprisingly not a great deal had changed, a few more corridors and floors had collapsed and the Hall was in slightly worse condition than before but otherwise things were largely the same. We were blessed with some nice morning light for our photos and had a good couple of hours wandering around the place. I never seem to be disappointed with the photos from here, despite being in a very poor state of repair and all the contents being missing the colours always seem to pop at this one! Enjoy the photos:


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