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The history of how Dr Anna’s House came by its name seems to be unknown, it’s well documented that there appears to be no reference to a doctor named Anna who worked at this Surgery which also doubled as residential accommodation. The only doctor’s who appear to be referenced in the documentation at the place was a Doctor K who lived at the Surgery with his Wife and his partner in the business Dr C who also worked at the Surgery. There are many reports doing the rounds that seem to suggest that Dr Anna died in a car crash in the 1980’s, however, there doesn’t appear to be anything to suggest this information is accurate. What I have been able to establish is that DR K passed away at some point in 1988 cause of death I haven’t been able to establish. His wife however who was born in 1906 lived on well past her 100th Birthday and the last I could establish was alive and well in 2010!

After the death of her Husband, the surgery was rented out to other doctors who used the place as a Urology Clinic, it appears that the Doctors’ wife continued to live at the property until somewhere between 2000-2010 when she moved into a nursing home leaving the property abandoned.

Our Visit

This place is quite a well know popular spot in the urban exploration scene. I’ve been familiar with Dr Anna’s House for several years and its been on the to do list for quite some time. I’m glad that it ended up being the first German location I had the opportunity to visit. I was pleasantly surprised that this place wasn’t a bit of a disappointment. I had heard rumours of recent vandalism and damage which was true but nowhere near as bad as I had imagined.

There is so much to see at this derelict Surgery with with ground floor / basement level which houses the medical theatre rooms complete with operating tables. Plenty of objects remained from the medical use of the building, tables littered with instruments, cupboards and shelves full of bottles of liquids and medicines. Upstairs was the more residential area with an obvious reception area, a piano room and the kitchens, up another level and you found the bedrooms and bathrooms.

As you’ll see below this is a rather photo heavy post with endless photographic opportunities I can understand why this place is so popular. I believe at least 10 other people visited the Surgery whilst we were there. Favourite bits have to be the jars of body parts and the medical rooms in the basement / ground floor. Upstairs was equally interesting with the stuffed fox in the bedroom and the grand piano. Also a special thanks to Lowri for posing for a couple of shots 🙂 Enjoy the pics 🙂

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