The Cavern of the Lost Souls aka Car Graveyard Mine

The Cavern of the Lost Souls aka Car Graveyard Mine

No information on this one for the moment, I may populate this report later with text but for now its a big hole in the ground, aka a Mine in wales that has a pretty awesome feature to it…a huge cascade of abandoned vehicles flooding in from a hole at the top into a lake, now presumably full of all sorts of skin rotting chemicals :).

Not content with the distant photographs from the end of the passageway that opened out into the lake, we came prepared with 2 dinghies, which was a bloody good job since one of them popped leaving a man down on the small island formed of mostly car parts :D. Being the smallest of the group I was volunteered (by everyone else) to be the rescue party.

Huge thank you to Barry and Nikon for making this happen, much appreciated 🙂 and to the others in the party, damn that was fun!

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