Krankenhaus von rollstühlen aka Hospital of Wheelchairs - The TV Room


The abandoned Hospital of Wheelchairs… Not much information on this one. This building from what I understand was once a private residence but was later used as a retirement home / residential care centre which catered for the elderly in their final days. Despite its name there was little evidence to suggest that this building functioned as anything other than a care home. There were a couple of beds in the basement which could have been consultation tables but I would suspect that few medical treatments would have taken place here.

Our Visit

Visited with  Andy K of Behind Closed Doors, Lowri, Scott of Darbians photography, Stussy and Carl. We arrived at this place the day before our visit with enough time to see the place… As we approached the location we decided to drive on by and spin the car around in an attempt to find somewhere to park. We came across a little lay-by area and we had just spun the car around as we were approached by another vehicle containing an angry German man and a woman who proceeded to shout at us in German for a little while as I tried to explain that we were lost and looking for our hotel. Being too close to the location and with the angry German driving by several more times as we discussed our options we decided to head for the hotel for a few beers and tackle this one in the morning.

The next day we retuned bright and early, found a parking spot and headed into the derelict Hospital of Wheelchairs. I’d seen photos of this place before so I had a good idea of what we would expect to find inside. The place lived up to expectations and provided many great photo opportunities. Multiple wheelchairs could be found in a number of rooms, my favourite being the one on the balcony upstairs overlooking a nearby forest. The building itself was a bit of a mishmash in construction with the original grand building being rather impressive but then a clear modern extension had been added to one side which added a lift for the geriatric patients along with some additional rooms.

The main staircase and the living room which had a lovely carved wooden fireplace were both very impressive and it was easy to imagine how much of a nice place this would have been in its prime with all its lovely features and a great remote location. We spend a good couple of hours here taking photos and were once again blessed with some nice weather and good light to illuminate some of the dimly lit ground floor rooms. Thankfully the place is relatively free from vandalism, there was evidence of fake blood which made me think someone may have staged a horror shoot or filmed something here post abandonment but thankfully no mindless graffiti tags which was a nice change 🙂 .

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