Hospital Plaza - The Large Chapel


Hospital Plaza is a rather large complex which features seemingly endless corridors full of bedrooms or wards, a large theatre room and a stunning chapel which remains in near perfect condition. The chapel is quite a prominent feature of this building leading me to believe that it may have once been a seminary. The medical use of the building whilst apparent was a quite subtle conversion. It appeared more as if it may have been more of a retirement home with medical facilities perhaps for ageing residents of the nearby towns. Information suggests that the building closed in 2010 which would certainly explain why it remains in such good condition.

Our Visit

I visited this rather enjoyable explore with Andy Kay or Behind Closed Doors, after spending quite some time trying to find our way into the grounds we eventually made our way inside and began shooting. We went straight for the chapel which we had been informed was the main highlight and spent most of our time there before heading back to see what the rest of the building was hiding. Another highlight was the theatre room, the stage was reasonable well intact as were the red leather seats. As we made our way further upstairs, some of the decay became more apparent, water damage was clearly becoming a problem but I suspect the building is still cared for as the grounds were quite well kept.

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