Château Grimpeur

Château Grimpeur, this spot had some really nice features to it… the attached private chapel, whilst suffering a lot from water ingress, was cute and full of hand-painted decorated stonework. Inside the main Château, the most notable features were the very wide decorative marble archways both in the main corridor, main entrance and then leading into what was one of the most impressive staircases I’d seen for a while. It was quite small, and only covered one level (despite there being a few more storeys above, but I really liked the gothic styling and the wallpaper along with the stained glass window which complemented this more dimly lit area.

The rest of the ground floor comprised of dining rooms, a library and other empty rooms, each with its own interesting features and in some cases fresco ceilings. The upper floors were more sparsely decorated and in a large portion were empty bedrooms, some still retaining hospital-style beds, evidence of the Château last known function as a home for elderly people.

I’m not quite sure when this place closed its doors, aside from the chapel and a couple of upper rooms, there was very little damage and yet no signs that the Château was undergoing any sort of renovation works so I don’t know what the future holds for this one… enjoy the photos.


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