Located in a fairly isolated spot with no immediate neighboring properties, Château BC was the last location on plan for the day and despite looking a little rough from the outside, it did not disappoint…

I must admit, I was a little confused by the exterior on this one as we pulled up, I think it gives the impression that the frontage had been stripped back perhaps in anticipation of some renovation work, however having spent more time looking at the photos, Im starting to wonder if this was actually the finishing on the exterior that might just not be to my taste :D.

Inside the Château had a few pieces of contents remaining, several made up beds in bedrooms and notably a lovely old baby carriage also found in one of the bedrooms at the time of our trip. This was probably one of the highlights for me along with some of the unusual doorways and false walls that had been installed, which gave the an unusual design and were probably again attempts from previous (or current) owners to alter the layout of the interior.

Visited with Mr Darbian

I’m not sure what the present situation of this Château is but I hope that it doesn’t end up being reduced to rubble… enjoy the photos…

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