Chateau Sarco aka Le Chateau de Nainville-les-Roches

Well a little break from the norm, I don’t usually name most of the locations that I visited in Europe however, this one, Château Sarco aka Château de Nainville les Roches is fortunately no longer abandoned and has been repurposed as an active events venue.

Originally built during the 19th Century but then reportedly rebuilt during the 1920’s the stunning example of a Louis XIII style French Château was in surprisingly good condition when we visited, clearly suffering from a lack of recent maintenance but otherwise structurally sound and with some really stunning features, not least of all the oval gallery on the landing which was just a pleasure to shoot!

I believe it was used for a period by the state either as a military or some sort of emergency services administration building, based upon some of the bits we saw inside, but there are also suggestions of its prior use as a wedding venue which appears to be what it has returned to at the time of writing.

I’m pleased to say having had a quick google of the place recently, it’s shaping up to be a nice faithful renovation and the exterior looks amazing! The current owners are certainly doing a great job with the place and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to have a look inside…

Last of all, a photo I found on the internet that was taken during the construction of the Chateau, all credit to the photographer who is, unfortunately, unknown to me:

Chateau de Nainville les Roches Under Construction

Chateau de Nainville les Roches Under Construction

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