Chateau Secession

Château Secession, maybe 2016’s busiest location… This abandoned Château stood empty for many years full of contents untouched and then popped up on the scene early this year. The location spread quicker than most and I hear rumours of dozens of photographers attending the castle on the same days. The attention was certainly off-putting for many and the castle was saturated on social media and forums but never the less we continued with our planned trip there and bumped into more than a handful of explorers on the morning we visited. Now I’m glad we decided to still go and see the place, as the building was quite impressive with some nice shots to be had and it was cool to meet some people I had only ever spoken with online. But it is easy to see why the hobby has its critics when you’re queuing for shots and you see the amount of disturbance caused to the place having so much foot traffic in such a short space of time. I think one of the highlights for me was the little chapel which was in a smaller detached building in the grounds surrounded by a moat. I haven’t seen too many shots of it and it had a nice style to it which reminded me of some  of the Italian chapels we saw last year. Enjoy the photos:

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