Château Gryffindor

Urbex: Château Gryffindor, France – September 2015

The Chateau itself was obviously the main draw and I think accounts for most of the photos below including the lovely spiral staircase which leads up to a small landing area with decoratively painted walls. There was a room with an examination bed and a few pieces of other medical equipment which were one of the few remaining reminders of the last function of the building as a care home for the elderly.

Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs

Urbex: Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs, France – October 2014

A huge Château located in a large grounds, Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs is quite isolated from the nearby homes. This gorgeous castle has been somewhere I have wanted to photograph since I saw pictures online. Clearly the building had fallen into disrepair but observations during our trip suggest that the building is undergoing some renovation works and will one day hopefully be restored to its former glory…