Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy

Quite likely my last visit to Castle Miranda aka Château de Noisy, for those who might not have already heard the castle is being demolished / dismantled and work began shortly after my visit last year.Plenty of photos have circulated showing the tops of the towers and turrets removed and laying on the ground as well as other clearance works on the grounds. The last I heard works had halted for some unknown reason but I strongly suspect things will continue to progress until the castle is no more.

I know there were a lot of people who felt strongly about the demolition of this place, various petitions and interest from various parties both in Belgium and abroad but I trust many appreciate the Castle was in a very poor state of disrepair and probably beyond any sort of economical repair. Sadly the owners decided that rather than leave the Castle to collapse on itself they would demolish it or as some have reported, sell it in bits. I think there have also been arguments of health and safety reasons behind the decisions, in particular, relating to explorers and even tourists visiting the site on a regular basis. I think more likely is that the presence of those interested in the site, trespassing on his private land lead to the ultimate decision but that’s just my own opinion. Its a shame to see it go but many fond memories of the place and I’m glad I ultimately got to see it on a few occasions :). Visited this time with Donna, enjoy the photos:

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