The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital

Urbex: The Royal Hospital Haslar aka Serenity Hospital, Gosport – September 2014 (revisit 3)

The Royal Hospital Haslar was founded in 1753 and was designed and built by Theodore Jacobsen between 1946-1961. When it was constructed it was both the largest hospital and brick built building in England. Britain’s first Naval Hospital which span a huge area on the coastline of Gosport is also the site of a massive unmarked grave site with an estimated 7,785 buried sailors…

The not so white morgue aka The Maids Morgue

Urbex: The not so white morgue aka The Maids Morgue – August 2014 (revisits 1 & 2)

Two more trips to this abandoned morgue with its impressive porcelain slab. I went back for 2 more trips with Andy de Kay of Behind Closed Doors, Matt, Danny, Old Skool, and Baron Scotland. If you’ve seen the first report you have probably noticed the overkill of shots… well considering the small size of this building its shocking that I found more to post…

Birkwood Asylum Spiral Staircase

Urbex: Birkwood Asylum, Somewhere, Scotland – April 2014 (revisit)

Birkwood Asylum dates from the 1860’s and closed in 2002. The most attractive of the buildings and the feature of this report is the old Birkwood House which was constructed in 1819 and was a stately home until the 1860’s when an additional wing was added and the Asylum established. Many additional buildings were added over the years within the grounds which are all now crumbling and falling apart while the old stone built stately home remains!