Here is another one from my 2008 Urbex collection wish I’d done more exploring back then!

I don’t know a great deal of background to this one… We established through the couple of documents left behind that this place was once a Yorkshire Bank building possibly some sort of sorting office rather than a customer facing environment perhaps either way it had a nice little surprise in the basement :).

This is a culmination of 2 visits to this place. We spotted the typical fencing which surrounds most abandoned spots along with the metal boarded lower windows and had to have a bit of an investigate. After a quick walk around the building, we found an open access and made our way inside to have a little look around… All three floors were completely gutted and I mean completely including all the suspended ceilings and floors:

Then we found a door which I thought it seemed a little out of place but never the less we thought we had failed with this one but then as everyone else was just making their way out I had one last look around the ground floor and Jackpot!!!

2 Floors underground a concrete-walled, thick steel-doored, 2 storey Bank vault! We all shot down there to grab a few photos and light paintings etc. There was one really tense moment though, the main vault door which was sooo thick was thankfully locked open so we were safe there but as you’ll see below there was a steel cell style door on the inside which made for some creative shots below. When taking those however that door was almost closed to add to the effect but thankfully just before it was almost shut we spotted that it was just a standard Yale style lock which if we would have closed it would have locked us all in there 2 floors down with not a chance in hell of getting a mobile signal. Since it wasn’t even a planned visit and no-one knew where we were that visit still gives me goosebumps thinking back. The second visit was a little safer knowing in advance not to try to shit the thing we got a few more shots.

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