Pensionnat de Chavagne - The hidden Chapel

Pensionnat de Chavagne is an impressive abandoned boarding school in France. Some of the original features include the vaulted arched ceilings in a long section of the ground floor, I am unsure what the use for this area would have been original, however it appeared to have been used to store most of the contents from the school following its closure.The main staircase was pretty impressive with decorative iron railings and matching ironwork on the doors which lead into each wing.

Perhaps the most photogenic part of the building was a small chapel, hidden away at the far end of one of the wings and partially partitioned off from the rest of the building to make way for a modernised gymnasium and basketball court. It was quite astonishing that such intricate stonework had been covered up with false ceilings and that this part of the building had been hidden away and appeared to have been out of use for a significantly longer period than the rest of the building. Overall a very good explore with lots to see, not sure what will happen to the place in the long run but the structure itself appeared quite sound and given the age of the building I would like to hope that it is ultimately repurposed. Enjoy the photos.

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