Windlestone Hall

Windlestone Hall is an abandoned 19th Century Country House located in County Durham. A manor house has stood at the site since the 1600’s, however, the main building was replaced with the current structure in 1835 with a new mansion by the design of Ignatius Bonomi. The house was also used as a prisoner of war camp during World War II. After the War years, the Hall was utilised by Windlestone Hall School which was a local authority funded special school. The school finally closed in 2006 and stood empty for a period of time before it was then sold to a Mr William Davenport, a property investor in 2011. Mr Davenport was later jailed in 2016 having been found to have used forged documents in order to purchase the property for the sum of £240,000.00 only to later advertise the property for sale at £2,500,000.00 more than ten times the price he had paid for the building.

After Mr Davenport was detained the property was sold again prior to being put up for auction for a reported sum of £400,000.00. Enjoy the photos I managed to capture below just before the building saw a significant increase in security presence on account of the heavy vandalism which took place shortly before my trip here:


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